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O Come, Come Away

Treble by W. Houser

W. Houser


O come, come away! the Sabbath morn is passing;

Let's hasten to the Sabbath school; O come, come away!

The Sabbath bells are ringing clear,

Their joyous peals salute my ear,

I love their voice to hear; O come, come away!


My comrades invite to join their happy number,

And gladly will I meet them there; O come, come away!

How there we meet to sing and pray,

To read God's word on his glad day,

With joy let's haste away, O come, come away!


While others may seek for vain and foolish pleasures,

The Sabbath school shall be my choice; O come, come away!

How dear the plaintive strain,

From youthful voices rise amain,

With sweetest tones again! O come, come away!


'Tis there I may learn the ways of heavenly wisdom,

To guide my feeble steps on high; O come, come away!

The flowery paths of peace to tread,

Where rays of heavenly bliss are shed,

My wandering steps to lead: O come, come away!


I there hear the voice in heavenly accents speaking,

"Let little children come to me; O come, come away!

Forbid them not their hearts to give,

Let them on me in youth believe,

And I will them receive:" O come, come away!


With joy I accept the gracious invitation;

My heart exults with rapturous hope, O come, come away!

My deathless spirit, when I die,

Shall, on the wings of angels, fly

To mansions in the sky: O come, come away!

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