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Abgarus, letter to our Lord, vi. 73.

Abingdon, S. Edmund born at, vi. 230.

Adalaoth, king of the Lombards, vii. 111.

Agatha (S.), cured Euthicia of a bloody flux, ii. 131.

Agilmud, king of the Lombards, vii. 107.

Agisulphe, king of the Lombards, vii, 111.

Agnes, Thecla and Mary visit S. Martin, vi. 149.

Air, S. Mary of Egypt suspended in, iii. 106.

Albigenses, iv. 175.

Alboin, story of, vii. 108.

Alcuin’s letter to Charlemagne, vii. 124.

Alexander the Pope, and the feast of S. Peter’s chains, iv. I59.

Alexandrine of Perugia, vi. 190.

Alms-deeds of S. Gregory, iii. 61.

Ambrose, S., his vision of S. Martin’s death, vi. 156.

Amis and Amelion, vii. 122.

Andrea of Ferrara, miracle of, vi. 196.

Angel entertained by S. Gregory, iii. 66.

—instructs S. Ambrose, iii. 114.

Angels appears to S. Vitus, iii. 222.

Angels sing at the death of S Martin, vi. 155.

Antichrist, signs of, i. 16.

Antwerp, painting at, of S. Austin and the child, v. 66.

Apollo, destruction of his temple resented by the devil, iii. 86.

Apostles miraculously brought together in a cloud, iv. 236, 257.

Apulia, famine in, iii. 141.

Aquapendens, town of, v. 3.

Ara cœli, church of, i. 27.

Arcadius, Emperor, vi. 205.

Archemius’ daughter healed, iii. 211.

Arians at Milan, iii. 113.

—confounded by a miracle of S. Basil, ii. 260.

—confounded by S. Peter Martyr, iii. 148.

—the doings of, ii. 230.

Arius and his sect, iv. 150.

Ark, building of the, i. 182.

Arphaxat, magician, iii. 271.

Arrows hang in the air, v. 81.

Arundel, Earl of, Caxton’e patron, i. 3.

Askepodot, persecutes S. Alban, iii. 243.

Ass restored to life by S. Germain, iii. 209.

Assisi, Saracens at, vi. 167-8.

Attila and S. Leo, iv. 11.

—and S. Lupus, iii. 206.

—at Paris, iii. 289.

Attila tries to deceive S. Benet, iii. 87.

Austin, S., attests the miracles done by the body of S. Stephen, ii. 158.

Austridinian, restored to life, iii. 277.

Avarice rebuked by S. Ambrose, iii. 117.

Ave Maria, miracle of, iii. 101.

Avenir, a king in India, vii. 85.

Barking monastery, vii. 68.

Bathing never practiced by S. James, iii. 159.

Beams lengthened miraculously, iv. 217, vii. 199.

Beard and hair grown after death, iii. 266.

Bede, Venerable, story of, vii. 120.

Bells of Sens refuse to ring, v. 87.

— ring spontaneously, iii. 224.

—why rung for thunder and tempests, i. 105.

Berengarius, heresy of, vii. 133.

Bernard saw not the Lake of Lausanne, v. 21.

Bird calls on S. Thomas of Canterbury, iv. 59.

— sings to S. Elizabeth, vi. 226.

Birds and S. Francis, v. 227.

—feed S. Blase, iii. 27.

—that were angels, vii. 52.

Birinus, vision of, vii. 48.

Blind man cured by S. Clare, vi. 191.

—healed by S. Amande, iii. 41.

— healed by S. Edward, vi. 22.

Blind men cured at the tomb of S. Edward, vi. 34.

Blind restored to sight, ii. 96.

Blindness cured by miracle, iii. 136.

Blood of Christ, five times shed, i. 34.

Blowing on idols breaks them, v. 78.

Body of man composed of four elements, i. 61.

Bone fires on S. John Baptist’s day, v. 71.

Bones of SS. Peter and Paul, how discriminated, iv. 25.

Books of S. Dominic miraculously recovered, iv. 181.

Breeches for Adam and Eve, i. 174.

Brescia, it rains blood at, vii. 123.

Bruill abbey, vii. 201.

Bulgaria converted, vii 128.

Cadygam, wife of Mahomet, vii 113.

Calf restored to life after it had been eaten, iii. 207.

Calne, vi. 237.

Candle, miracle of a, iii. 25.

Candlemas, iii. 23.

Candles, miraculous, iii, 153, iv. 195, vii. 221.

Canute in England, vi. 4.

Capon seven years old, v. 229.

Capons’ (Sir John) story of David’s penance, ii. 33.

Carnifrut, the cross of, vii. 173.

Carpo, the vision of, i. 90.

Castle Angelo, why so called, iii. 65.

Cat, apparition of a, iv. 188.

Catania, city of, saved by S. Agatha. iii. 39.

Catesby, Northamptonahire, vi. 230.

Caxton declares himself translator of the life of S. Rock, v. 12.

Caxton’s originals for his compilation, i. 1.

Cerne abbey, miracle of, iii. 202.

Chalgrove, Oxfordshire, vi. 234.

Chalice of crystal broken and made whole, iv. 218.

Charlemagne, his personal appearance, vii. 125.

—would not marry his daughters, vii. 124.

Chartres saved by the coat of our Lady, iv. 242.

Chastity of S. Edward, vi. 10.

Chertsey, abbot of, vii. 67.

Child on whom our Lord laid his hand, iii. 283.

—restored to his father over sea, ii. 121.

Christ descends from a crucifix, vii. 173.

—the names of, i. 31.

Christ’s seamless coat, marvellous effect of, i. 84.

Circumcision, why on the eighth day, i. 36.

Clent, miracle of S. Kenelm at, iv. 64.

Clerk dies through disobedience to S. Benet, iii. 87.

—forbidden to wed by our Lady, v. 108.

Clotilde, Queen of France, v. 208.

Clovis, King of France, v. 209.

Coat of our Lady, iv. 242.

Cologne, bodies of the Magi preserved there, i. 52.

Colomba, S., threatened by S Loye, iii. 265.

Compton squire, refuses tithes, iii. 199.

Conrad, confessor to S. Elizabeth, vi. 217.

Consecration of churches, origin of, i. 152.

Constantine’s conversion, iii. 171.

Constantine’s daughter cured of leprosy by S. Agnes, ii. 251.

Constantine forbids the bath of infant’s blood, ii. 201.

Constantine’s vision of Saint Nicholas, ii. 115.

Convent discipline, iii. 3.

Cooks, prince of the, i. 164.

Cope of S. Martin borne as a banner, vi. 156.

—of S. Peter Martyr, miracle of the, iii. 149.

—of sophistry, vi. 114.

Corone martyred by two trees, iv. 5.

Corpse of S. Arnold sustained in the air, vii. 169.

Cosdroe, King of Persia, and the Cross, v. 126.

Cow brings forth a lamb, iii. 162.

—though mad, obeys S. Martin, vi. 152.

Crato and the precious stones, ii. 165.

Cripple cured by S. Peter, iv. 26.

Crusade preached, vi. 235

Culex and elephant, vi. 256.

Cups of silver offered to S. Nicholas, ii. 120.

Curse removed by S. Stephen, ii. 159.

Cyprian the enchanter, v. 166.

Cyprian’s conversion, v. 171.

Dagobert reproved by S. Amand, iii. 40.

Damascus the place of man’s creation, i. 170.

Damsel palsied for desecration of S. Edward’s day, vi. 41.

Danegeld, vi. 8.

Danes in England, vi. 2-3, 244.

Daughter denies her father, iv. 95.

David’s penance as related by Sir J. Capons, ii. 33.

Dead bodies defend their orator, v. 117.

—man refuses to return to life, iii. 207.

Deaf and dumb man cured, vii. 146.

Deerhurst, S, Alphage at, iii. 121.

Delphic Oracle prophesied Christ’s coming, i. 26.

Denis the Areopagite, his books, vii. 126.

Devil appeare to S. Dominic, iv. 191.

—appears to S Juliana, iii. 46.

—as a herald, ii. 219.

—cast out by S. Appollinaris, iv. 91.

—cast out by S. Maturin, iv. 2.

—in a woman’s belly, vi. 228.

—in female form confounded by S. Bartholomew and by S. Andrew, v. 40.

—on the lettuce, v. 135.

—tempts a bishop in the form of a fair woman, ii. 105.

Devil’s compact with a servant, ii. 261.

Devil’s compact with a knignt, iv. 248.

Devils cast out by S. Bernard, v. 24-5.

—appear in form of the old Gods, vi. 153.

—in the likeness of dogs, ii. 99.

—appear to S. Theodora, iv. 50.

—cast out by S. Clare, vi. 190.

—cast out by S. Genevieve, iii. 295, 301.

—cast out by S. Marcial, iii. 277, 281.

—dispersed by S Francis, v. 222.

—inhabit pagan idols, iii. 71.

—invoked by a gambler, iii. 153.

—supper, iii. 205.

Diana in form of the devil baffled by S.Nicholas, ii. 113.

—statue of, speaks, ii. 96.

Diana’s temple destroyed by the prayer of S. John, ii. 169.

Dicer, the, and S.Bernard, v. 22.

Dioscurus’ daughter Barbara, vi. 198.

Disembowelling, iii. 251.

Donatus, S. Jerome’s master, v. 200.

Dove crowns S. Margaret, iv. 71.

Dragon at Arles, iv. 136.

—at Epirus, iv. 161.

—subdued by S. Silvester, ii. 204.

—threatens an erring monk, iii. 91.

—why borne in procession, i. 105-6.

Dromedaries used by the Wise Men, i. 45.

Dunstan, S., vision of, vi. 31.

—vision of S. Peter, vi 3.

Ebroinus, the persecutor, v. 212.

Ebronien, the apostate, iv. 253.

Edgar, king, iii. 190.

Edward the Confessor’s ring and the pilgrims, ii. 175.

Eggs broken and made whole again, iv. 54.

Emorissa, who touched our Lord, iv. 137.

Enchanters and dragons, v. 151.

England, heretics in, iii. 286.

English children and S. Gregory, iii. 62.

—children at Rome, iii. 194.

—conquered by the Normans for their sins, ii. 126.

Ephesus and the seven sleepers, iv. 121.

Epileptic cured by S. Clare, vi. 189.

Ethelred, iii. 233.

Euphemius, father of S. Alexis, vi. 205.

Eustace, S., story of under name of Alexis, vi. 205.

Evangelist’s symbols explained, vi. 47.

Famine in Jerusalem, iii. 167.

Fasting, reasons for, i. 62-5.

Finger of S John Baptist, v.66.

Fire obeys S. Martin, vi. 147.

Fisherman of Westminster, vi. 16.

Flowers from the altar of S. Stephen cure sickness and blindness, ii. 158.

Fowl made fish miraculously, ii. 191.

Frederick the emperor, v. 39.

Frederic who mocked S. Elizabeth, vi. 229.

Frenchmen preached to by S. Philip, iii. 157.

Friars forbidden to visit nunneries, vi. 178.

Gaimas the Arian, v. 138.

Gallas rebuked by S. Benet, iii. 89.

Gargan, Mount, v. 181.

Genebald’s sons named Thief and Foxwhelp, ii. 212.

Germain consecrates S. Genevieve, iii. 286.

Geronce, mother of S. Genevieve, iii. 287.

—blinded and restored, iii. 288.

Giles Michell the cripple, vi. 15.

Glanders cured by S. Clare, vi. 195.

Godwin, Earl, death of, vi. 25.

Goldsmithery of S. Loye, iii. 262.

Good John of Perugia, vi. 193.

Gotard, friend of S. Rocke, v. 7.

Gratian buys the Papacy, vii. 133.

Gregory, S., his additions to the service of the mass, vii. 124.

Gundoferus, king of India, his palace, ii. 141.

Hades, Christ’s descent into, i. 90.

Hair shirts worn by S. Thomas of Canterbury, ii. 184-196.

Head of S. Nicasius speaks after it was smitten off, ii. 137.

Heat, miracle of, iii. 243.

Heaven, distance of, from earth. i. 112.

Hebrew maiden and S. Thomas, ii. 139.

Henry and Cunegonde, virgins, vii. 130.

—at Toulouse, iv. 174.

Herman delivered by S. Elizabeth, vi. 229.

Hermits visit S. Anthony, ii. 228.

Hermogenes the Enchanter, iv, 99.

Herod’s malady a vengeance of God, ii. 181.

Hingvar the Dane, vi. 243.

Holy Land, English pilgrims in, vi. 27.

Honeysuckles, iii. 259.

Honorius, emperor, vi. 205.

Hound obeys S. Martin, vi. 148.

Hours of prayer, wherefore instituted, i. 155.

Hubba the Dane, vi. 243.

Humility a safeguard againat the devil, ii. 218.

Ice in harvest time, vi. 113.

Idols destroyed by S. Longinus, iii. 71.

Image of Christ speaks to S. Francis, v. 216.

Incense, why offered at the Nativity, i. 51.

Incestuous mother confounded by S. Andrew, ii. 98.

India, works of S. Thomas in, ii. 144.

Inquisition searches out heretics, iii. 150.

Iron made to swim, iii. 84.

Island of sheep, vii. 51.

Jangling of monks, iv. 253.

Jasconye, a great fish, vii. 52.

Jehosaphat, last judgment to in the valley of, i. 18.

Jerusalem, its destruction prophesied by Ananias, iii. 162.

—token of its destruction, iii. 161.

Jesus, concerning the name of, i. 33.

Jew beats the image of S Nicholas, ii. 119.

—that smote the crucifix, v.130.

Jewels restored at Paris, iii. 265.

Jewish usurer justified by S. Nicholas, ii. 1l7.

Jews pierce a crucifix, v. 131.

Jonathas the thief and S. Simon, vii. 144.

Joseph, a Jew, converted by S. Basil, ii. 267.

—of Arimathea, miracle of, i. 96.

—discovered by Titus, iii. 168.

Josephus at the siege of Jerusalem, iii. 165.

Jubal’s pillars, i. 179.

Judas Iscariot, the birth and parentage of, iii. 35.

—punishment of, vii. 61.

Julian the Apostate, iii. 13, iv. 7-8.

—the harbourer, iii. 13.

—who slew his parents through ignorance. iii. 11.

Knight, the, who sold his wife to the devil, iv. 249.

— who had the devil for chamberlain, iii. 101.

Kyrkil the Danish leader, iii. 122.

Latin understood by s. clark though unlettered, vi. 178.

Lechery in marriage punished, iii. 283.

Leg miraculously restored, iv. 233.

Leofric, Earl, vision of, vi. 19.

Leper and S. Martin, vi. 148.

—tended by S. Louis, vii. 209.

Leprosy cured by the sudary of S. Landry, vii. 188.

Lexington, Stephen, vi. 237.

Light given by miracle, iii. 293.

Lime for building miraculously discovered, iii. 291.

Lion of S. Jerome, v. 203.

Loaves multiplied by S. Clare, vi. 164.

Loaves, three suffice S. Mary seventeen years, iii. 108.

Locusts, roots so called, iii. 259.

Lombards, origin of their name; vii. 109.

Londoners claim the body of S Erkenwold, vii. 70.

Lorraine pilgrims, iv. 104.

Lupa, Queen of Spain, iv. 102.

Lying punished with death, iii. 11.

Mabel, mother of s. edmund, vi. 233.

Macidiana, mother of S. Clement, vi. 255.

Maggot becomes a precious stone. vii. 142.

Mahomet, the history of, vii. 112.

Malchus of Ephesus, iv. 122.

Malmesbury Abbey, iii. 194.

Man born to be king, germ of W. Morris’ story of the, vii. 134.

Manuscripts, cargo of, iii. 193.

Mariners, superstition of, iv. 79.

Marriage scorned by S. Agnes, ii. 246.

—spiritual, of a priest with S. Agnes, ii. 251.

Mary, the blessed Virgin, types and symbols of, ii. 124.

—sinless from the womb, ii. 125.

—how she forbade a clerk to marry, ii. 128.

—abbot of Rome saved from shipwreck on condition that he hallowed the Conception of our Lady, ii. 127.

Mass of S. Gregory, miracle of the, iii. 69.

Mass, why sung in three languages, i. 150.

Meal miraculously provided, iii. 90.

Melancia and Eugenia, tale of, v. 122.

Mellitus, bishop of London, vi. 17.

Mice and serpents, a parable, vii. 93.

Milk flows in place of blood, iv. 5, 97.

Miller, the, and S. Remigius, v. 209.

Monk of evil life devoted to our Lady, iv. 248.

Monstrous births, vii. 135.

Mortuary beast, vi. 238.

Moses, apocryphal history of, i. 258.

Mother denied by her son, vii. 72. Mother of God, statute of S. Leo, iv. 10.

Music, invention of, i. 179.

Nachor, the magician, vii. 99.

Narses, history of, vii. 109.

Natalie, wife of S. Adrian, v. 115.

Nebuzar-adan, prince of the Cooks, i. 164.

Nero, the story of, iv. 24.

Nicholas recovered from lechery, by prayer of S. Andrew, ii. 97.

Nightingale and archer, story of the, vii. 92.

Nobleman’s daughters rescued by S. Nicholas, ii. 110.

Noddo, fearful end of, vii. 167.

Octaves, meaning and use of, i. 29.

Oil of Mercy, i. 180.

Oil given in answer to prayer, iii. 92.

Omer, S., vii. 202,

Otto, the emperors of that name, vii. 128-9.

Oxen of no avail against the strength of S. Lucv. ii. 135.

Pafuntius, abbot, and S. Thais, v. 243.

Pantheon at Rome, vi. 94.

Paris, victualled by S. Genevieve, iii. 298.

Paul the deacon’s history of the Lombards, vii. 106.

Pepin, king of France, vii. 119.

Peter converts S. Marcial, iii. 275.

—of less avail than S. Pancrace, iii. 184.

Peter the toller, history of ii. 269.

Petrius of Byconne, vi. 193.

Pharon of Meaux, vii. 174.

Philip the emperor denied communion by S. Fabian, ii. 231

Pine tree of Auxerre, iii. 204.

Placida gives a silver dish to S. Germain, iii. 209.

Plautilla lends S. Paul her keverchief, iv. 33.

Poisoned bread known by raven, iii. 85.

Pontius Pilate, his parentage and history, i. 80.

—wedded his own mother, iii. 57.

Poverty, beloved of S. Francis, v. 219.

Precious stone falls from heaven, v. 87.

Precious stones, miracle of, ii. 166.

Prelates, condemnation of negligent, i. 157.

Prepuce of our Lord at Antwerp and Rome, i. 40.

—miracles performed by it, i. 40.

Priests more worthy than kings, vi. 149.

Prisoners released by prayers of S. Eutrope, iii. 274.

Provost, the, who embraced black pots and pans, ii. 149.

Purgatory of S. Patrick, iii. 79.

—seen by S. Forsey, v. 178.

Ralph the cripple cured, vi. 34.

Raven guards the body of S. Vincent, ii. 251.

Reeds in the desert removed by the Devil, ii. 220.

Response ‘Et cum spiritu tuo,’ how instituted, iii. 67.

Reynold, friar, vision of, iv. 184.

River dried up miraculously, iii. 246.

Robatyoa, miraculous fount of, vi. 200.

Romain the monk feeds S. Benet, iii. 81.

Rosamond, story of, vii. 108.

Roses in the tombs of saints, iv. 167.

Sacrament of the altar sent from heaven, iii. 104.

Sacraros or Goat-man, ii. 206.

Saracens at Assisi, vi 167.

—quelled by S Clare, vi. 167.

Satan and his emissaries, v. 133

Scholastica, S., and S. Benet; iii. 92.

Scrofula cured by S. Clare, vi. 195.

Sea-sickness averted by S. Erasmus, vii. 267.

Second advent of Christ, signs of, i. 12.

Sens, the bells of, refuse to ring, v. 87.

Sergius the monk, vii. 114.

Serpent exorcised by S. Leonard, vi. 139.

—in a stolen flagon of wine iii. 88.

—three cubits long swallowed by a woman, vii. 143.

Serpents expelled from Ireland by S. Patrick, iii. 80.

Seth brought the oil of mercy from paradise, i. 180.

Seven sleepers, vision of the, vi. 25.

Shaftesbury, S. Edward at, iii. 235.

Sheep stolen by a man bleated in his belly, by command of S. Patrick, iii. 78.

Shepherds turn bread into flesh, vii. 239.

Shrift, too frequent, v. 218.

Silence commended among hermits, ii. 228.

Silver platter laid in the desert by the Devil, ii. 226.

Simon Magus, vi. 261.

—his strife with S Peter, iv. 15.

Sinai, hermits of, vii. 25.

Sneezing plague, the origin of ‘God save you,’ i. 102.

Spinning on a feast day, iv. 197.

Star of the Epiphany, i. 48.

Stigand, archbishop, Simony of, vi. 30.

Stigmata of S. Francis, v. 223.

Stratford le Bow, vii. 70.

Strood, no tailed children at, iii. 201.

Sunbeam, miracle of the, iii. 192; vii. 202.

Sunday, desecration of, condemned, i. 284.

—desecration of, punished, iii. 10.

Sweet savour of S. Firmin’s body, ii. 217.

Swine recovered by S. Blase, iii. 28.

Sybil prophesied of Christ, i. 27.

Tailed children in Dorsetshire, iii. 201.

Talkative nuns, miracle of, iii. 90.

Theodebert’s gift to S. Maur iii. 75.

Theodolina, queen of the Lombards, vii. 111.

Theodosius, the emperor, v. 141.

Thief miraculously detected, iv. 59.

—and S. Edward the Confessor, iv. 9.

Thomas doubts the Assumption, iv. 241.

Thought reading by S. Benet, iii. 88.

Tithes, result of refusing, iii. 199.

Tomb of S. Andrew, miracle of manna, ii. 105.

—of S. Nicholas, a fountain of oil, ii. 117.

Tonsure instituted by S. Peter, iii. 52.

Toulouse, heresy at, iv. 174.

Trajan spared eternal punishment, iii. 68.

—punishment of S. Gregory therefor, iii. 68.

Trance of S. Clare, vi. 175.

Trinity betokened by three windows, vi. 201.

—illustrated by three drops of water, vii. 107.

—S. Austin’s parable of the, v. 66.

Trodden fields fruitful, iii. 196.

Trygvier, vii. 193.

Tuesday sacred to S. Thomas of Canterbury, iv. 56.

Valentine despole, vi. 191.

Valentinian rebuked by S. Ambrose, iii. 119.

Veltis the fiend, iv, 69.

Vengeance on sinners, instances of. The Provost and S. Andrew, ii. 109.

Veronica, story of, i. 83.

Versailles, miracle of tapers at, iii. 210.

Vespasian’s belief rewarded. iii. 163.

Vienna earthquakes, origin of the lesser litany, i. 103.

Viguy, J.de, translator of the Goden Legend, iv. 199.

Vine cuttings form S. Clare’s bed, vi. 165.

Vines first planted, i. 186.

Virginity preserved in wedlock, vi. 206.

Virago, woman so called, i. 172.

Vision of our Lady, iii. 2.

Vital the monk and S. John the Almoner, ii. 272.

Walking on water, iii. 85.

Wall pierced by a ray of the sun, ii. 216.

Wareham, Dorset, iii. 234.

Water found by a miracle, iii. 84, 292.

—walked on by S. Gavien, v. 83.

Water-hanging, town of, v. 3.

Westminster Abbey consecrated by S. Peter, vi. 16.

—repaired, vi. 14, 18.

Wheat inexhaustible by prayers of S. Nicholas, ii. 113.

Wild bulls tamed, iv. 103.

Winchcomb, S. Kenelm’s burying at, iv. 66.

Winchester, miracle of S. Austin, iii. 202.

Windows, three, betoken the Trinity, vi. 201.

Wolf obedient to S. Vedaste, iii. 43.

Woman disguised as a monk, iii. 226.

—in a monk’s habit falsely accused of lechery, ii. 152.

—falsely accused as a monk, v. 240.

Woman’s clothing given to S. Jerome, v. 2O1.

Women avoided by S. Arsenius, vii. 80-1.

Wulstan’s disposition and restoration, vi. 36.

Xaintes, martydom of Eutropius at, iii. 274.

Zaroen, magician, iii. 271.

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