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adjusted (Fr. ajorter), added. among, adv., meanwhile. ancille, n., handmaid. ankers, n., anchorites. avaled, v. intr., went down. axes, n., agues.

benewrely, adv. (Fr. bienheureux), happily. benewred, adj., blessed.

cene, n., council. centime, n., tenth. chartre, n., dungeon. cheer, n., face. coles, n., cabbages. crisp, adj., curly. cruel, adj., stern.

detrenched. pp. hewed in pieces. detty, adj., due.

empesh (Fr. empècher), hinder. encheson, n., for cause of.

fait, n. business. faitour n., malefactor. fardel n., burden. ferial, adj., ordinary. festue, n., a straw. fet, v. fetched. fiables n., the faithful. flom, n., river. foison, n., plenty. fraitour, n., refectory. frounced, adj., wrinkled.

grabat, n., a gridiron. grip, n., a vulture. guerished, (Fr. guérir), healed.

impetred, v. tr., besought. indigne (Fr.), unworthy.

japing, prep., mocking.

louing, prep., praising.

mat, adj., exhausted. meiny, n., retinue. meschant (Fr.), wicked. mesel, n., a leper. moyenant (Fr.), by means of. mowe, v., to be able. mystery, Fr. metierr, work or business.

notorily, adv., openly.

paddocks, n., toads. parement, n., garment. piscine, n., a pool. plein (Fr.), full.

rassassied, ppl, (Fr. rassassier), satisfied. releved, v. tr., built or set up. renomee, renown.

sacred, v. tr., consecrated. Salue or salut, n. (Fr.), health or prosperity. sautes, n., assaults. scorpions, n., whips with iron. slimed, pp., pricked. slops, n., loose breeches. sudary, n., a winding-sheet.

tache (Fr.), a stain.

unnethe, adv., scarcely.

whelk, n., a pimple. wood, adj., mad.

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