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achaufed, pp., kindled. adjousting, pr. p.,Fr. ajouter, adding. alleged, v., Fr. alleger, mitigated. ampulles, n., flasks or phials. anenst, adv., in the sight of. artillour, n., engineer, avoid, v., to destroy.

bain, n., (Fr.) a bath. blechures, n., Fr. blessures, wounds. boystous, adj., strong. brede, n., the size.

canticis, n., the Song of Solomon. capax, adj., able to meet or withstand. celyer, n., cupboard or store place. chasse, n., box or shrine. clock, n., Fr, cloche, bell, complained, v., pitied. con, v., be able to. conjured, v., exorcised. courage, n., mind.

defended, v., forbade. do make, did do make =caused to be made.

eculee, n., the rack. empeshment, n., Fr. empèchement, hindrance. enseign, v., Fr. enseigner, to teach.

feria, n., day of the week.

gins, n., snares.

holm, n., elm tree.

japes, n., gibes. juments, n., mares.

kittled, v., tickled, excited.

leasings, n., lies. lettrure, n., learning. leye, v., stain or pollute.

malerous, adj., Fr. malheureux, evil disposed. meiny. n.. retinue.

noot, v., know not.

porret, n., leek.

quarel, n., arrow.

rather, adj., former. refrigery, n., refreshment. renoinee, n., renown. rogneth, v.. to eat away.

sacred, pp., consecrated. sort, v., adapt or place. sourd, v., issue, spring.

terrien, adj., earthly. thau, n., the Greek t , a headless cross. truffes, n., flouts.

utas, n., octave.

wood, adj., mad.

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