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achate, n., purchase. adjousted, pp., Fr. ajouter, added. argenter, n.b. money changer. aspre, adj., Fr. apre, cruel. awaits, n., snares.

bained, pp., Fr. baigner, bathed. belues, n., whales, or sea monsters. blessure, n. (Fr.), a wound. blyven, pp. of ‘beleave,’ remained. broches, n, pointed rods. bubals, n., wild oxen. bynomen, pp. of ‘benim,’ to take away.

caricares, n., figs. cautelously, adv., craftily. chevisshed, v., achieved his purpose. chore (for ‘cor’), n., a Hebrew measure of about eight bushels. coarted, pp., constrained or coerced. coles, n., cabbages. colestaff, n., a pole for carrying a burden between two persons. conveying, pr. p., guidance.

deduit, n. (Fr.), pleasure, comfort. demene, v., exhibit. did do make = caused to be made. dilection, n, love. dime, n., a tithe. direption, n., pillage. disperipled, pp., scattered.

empesh, v., Fr. empecher, to hinder.

fardel, n,. a burden.

habergeon, n., coat of scale armour. hallows, n., saints or chosen people. havoir, n., worldly goods. houseled, v., administered the eucharist.

impetre, v., beseech.

japes, n., jests or scoffs.

kele, v., cool.

maleurte, n., misery. mechant, adj. (Fr.), wicked. meiny, n., company or retinue. muyes, n., Fr. muids, measures of about five quarters.

octroy, v. (Fr.), to bestow. ongles, n. (Fr.), claws. ouches, n., jewels.

phitoness, n., witch. piscine, n., a pool. pois, n., weight. prestly, adv., quickly. prise, n., capture

quarfox, n., four meeting ways.

releved, v., Fr. relever, to raise up. righter, n., executioner. routed, v., snored.

sacre, v., Fr. sacrer, to consecrate. siffled, v., Fr. siffler, whistled. sikerness, n., surety. smaragdos, n., emeralds, spere, v., inquire or search. spincops, n., spiders. squames, n., scales. stagne, n., Fr. etang, lake. sweven, n., a dream.

toller, tollener, n., tax-farmer.

unguentaries, n., makers of perfumes. unnethe, adv., scarcely. urchin, n., a hedgehog.

wood, woodness, n., mad, madness.

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