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A Prayer which (it is conjectured) he used before composing his Sermons.

O LORD God of truth, I humbly beseech thee to enlighten my mind by thy Holy Spirit, that I may discern the true way to eternal salvation: and to free me from all prejudice and passion, from every corrupt affection and interest that may either blind or seduce me in my search after it.

Make me impartial in my inquiry after truth, and ready, whenever it is discovered to me, to receive it in the love of it, to obey it from the heart, and to practise it in my life, and to continue steadfast in the profession of it to the end of my days.


I perfectly resign myself, O Lord, to thy conduct and direction, in confidence that thy mercy and goodness is such, that thou wilt not suffer those who sincerely desire to know the truth, and rely upon thy guidance, finally to miscarry.

And if in any thing which concerns the true worship and service of thee, my God, and the everlasting happiness of my soul, I am in any error and mistake, I earnestly beg of thee to convince me of it, and to lead me into the way of truth; and to confirm and establish me in it daily more and more.

And I beseech thee, O Lord, always to preserve in me a great compassion and sincere charity towards those that are in error, and ignorance of thy truth; beseeching thee to take pity on them, and to bring them to the knowledge of it, that they may be saved.

And because our blessed Saviour hath promised, that all that do his will shall know his doctrine: grant, O Lord, that I may never knowingly offend thee in any thing, or neglect to do what I know to be thy will and my duty.

Grant, O heavenly Father, these my humble and hearty requests for his sake, who is the way, the truth, and the life, my blessed Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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