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You have here an end of this great work, and I can now assure you, that I have faithfully discharged what at first I promised, which was, to give you these Sermons truly transcribed from the originals. I have sometimes put two Sermons into one, or three into two (as the Author used to do in those he printed), and if on that account I have left out repetitions, or shortened some things which have been before printed, yet I never altered either the words or sense otherwise than was necessary for the connexion; and as I did this purely to make the work more perfect, I hope I have rather obliged the public, than deserved the censure of any.

By these Sermons you have seen how good and useful a preacher the Author was; and though the publishing of them was all I had to do, yet that the world may see that he was devout as well as eloquent, I have ventured to annex some of his Prayers, with a short Discourse to his Servants before the receiving of the Sacrament, all written by his own hand. These are no great addition to the work; and will, I hope, be valued by some, or at the worst can only be blamed as the indiscreet zeal, rather than any interest or design of the publisher.


Brasted, Kent.


Dec. 3, 1703.

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