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His Works

A List of Dr Owen’s Works, according to the years in which they appear to have been published.

Display of Arminianism, 4to, 1642
The Duty of Pastors and People Distinguished, 4to, 1643
The Principles of the Doctrine of Christ, in two Catechisms, 12mo, 1645
A Vision of Unchangeable Mercy: a Sermon, 4to, 1646
Eshcol; or, Rules for Church Fellowship, 12mo, 1647
Salus Electorum: a treatise on Redemption, 4to, 1648
Memorial of the Deliverance of Essex: two Sermons, 4to, 1648
Righteous Zeal — a Sermon; and Essay on Toleration, 4to, 1649
The Shaking and Translating of Heaven and Earth: a sermon, 4to, 1649
Human Power Defeated: a Sermon, 4to, 1649
Of the Death of Christ, in answer to Baxter, 4to, 1650
The Steadfastness of Promises: a Sermon, 4to, 1650
The Branch of the Lord: two Sermons, 4to, 1650
The Advantage of the Kingdom of Christ: a sermon, 4to, 1651
The Labouring Saint’s Dismission: a Sermon, 4to, 1652
Christ’s Kingdom and the Magistrate’s Power: a Sermon, 4to, 1652
De Divina Justitia: translated 1794, 12mo, 1653
The Doctrine of the Saints’ Perseverance, folio, 1654
Vindicæ Evangelicæ: Reply to Biddle, 4to, 1655
On the Mortification of Sin, 8vo, 1656
Review of the Annotations of Grotius, 4to, 1656
God’s Work in Founding Zion: a Sermon, 4to, 1656
God’s Presence with his People: a Sermon, 4to, 1656
On Communion with God, 4to, 1657
A Discovery of the True Nature of Schism, 12mo, 1657
A Review of the True Nature of Schism, 12mo, 1657
Answer to Cawdrey about Schism, 12mo, 1658
Of the Nature and Power of Temptation, 12mo, 1658
The Divine Original of the Scriptures, 12mo, 1659
Vindication of the Hebrew and Greek Texts, 12mo, 1659
Exercitationes adversus Fanaticos, 12mo, 1659
The Glory of Nations professing the Gospel: a Sermon, 4to, 1659
On the Power of the Magistrate about Religion, 4to, 1659
A Primer for Children, 12mo, 1660
Animadversions on Fiat Lux, 12mo, 1662
CXXIIA Discourse on Liturgies, 4to, 1662
Vindication of the Animadversions, 8vo, 1664
Indulgence and Toleration Considered, 4to, 1667
A Peace-offering, or Plea for Indulgence, 4to, 1667
Brief Instruction in the Worship of God: a Catechism, 12mo, 1667
On Indwelling Sin, 8vo, 1668
Exposition of the 130th Psalm, 4to, 1668
Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews, vol. i., folio, 1668
Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity, 12mo, 1669
Truth and Innocence Vindicated, 8vo, 1669
On the Divine Institution of the Lord’s Day, 8vo, 1671
On Evangelical Love, 8vo, 1672
Vindication of the Work on Communion, 12mo, 1674
Discourse on the Holy Spirit, folio, 1674
Exposition of the Hebrews, vol. ii., folio, 1674
How we may Bring our Hearts to Bear Reproof, 4to, 1674
On the Nature of Apostasy, 8vo, 1676
The Reason of Faith, 8vo, 1677
On the Doctrine of Justification, 4to, 1677
The Ways and Means of Understanding the Mind of God, 8vo, 1678
ΧΡΙΣΤΟΛΟΓΙΑ, or the Person of Christ, 4to, 1679
The Church of Rome no Safe Guide, 4to, 1679
On Union among Protestants, 4to, 1680
Vindication of the Nonconformists, 4to, 1680
Exposition of the Hebrews, vol. iii., folio, 1680
Defence of the Vindication, 4to, 1681
Inquiry into Evangelical Churches, 4to, 1681
Humble Testimony, 8vo, 1681
On Spiritual-mindedness, 4to, 1681
The Work of the Holy Spirit in Prayer, 4to, 1682
The Chamber of Imagery, 4to, 1682
An Account of the Protestant Religion, 4to, 1683
Meditations on the Glory of Christ, part i., 8vo, 1684
Exposition of the Hebrews, vol. iv., folio, 1684
Of the Dominion of Sin and Grace, 8vo, 1688
True Nature of a Gospel Church, 4to, 1689
Meditations on the Glory of Christ, part ii., 8vo, 1691
Two Discourses on the Work of the Spirit, 8vo, 1693
Evidences of the Faith of God’s Elect, 8vo, 1695
Seventeen Sermons, 2 vols., 8vo, 1720
An Answer to Two Questions; with Twelve Arguments against any Conformity to Worship not of Divine Institution, 8vo, 1720
Sermons and Tracts, folio, 1721
Thirteen Sermons, 8vo, 1756
Twenty-five Discourses suitable to the Lord’s Supper, 12mo, 1760

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