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I answer from My throne thy voice that calls My name.

I break thy iron bands, thy bitter foes I shame.

Fly, fly thou pure white dove, to Me, thy Spouse, thy King!

Come, reign with Me in heaven, where Saints thy praise shall sing.

O Jeanne, thy angel brings thee grace;

And I, the Judge of all thy race,

Beside My own throne give thee place,

And this proclaim:

Even in thee I saw love’s holy flame.

Thou shalt be crowned. Oh, come to Me!

Thy tears My hand shall wipe away;

My kiss divine I give to thee;

I crown with joy thy griefs to-day.

With thy companions come

To My eternal home;

In heavenly valleys roam,

Following the Lamb.

Soul, well-beloved by Me,

Lo! I have ransomed thee!

Sing the new song, and be

Where’er I am.

Past is thy fleeting shame!

Angels exalt thy name,

Singing thy saintly fame,

Close to My throne.

Ah, timid shepherdess!

Virgin in warrior’s dress!

Thy name the world shall bless,

Heavenward blown.

Ah, timid shepherdess!

Virgin in warrior’s dress!

All heaven is now thine own.

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