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Author’s Dedication

Introduction By Rev. B. T. Roberts

Author’s Introduction


Birth — Early Impressions of Being Called to Preach — Conversion — First Religious Labors


Fighting against God — Running from Duty — Strange Experiences


Settling the Controversy — A Long and Hard Struggle — The Victory Gained


Starting Out to Preach — First Field of Labor — Successful Efforts — Incidents, etc.


The Old Struggle Renewed — Call to Preach Confirmed — Determined Rebellion — Off the Track


Acting Jonah’s Part — Turns Infidel — Studying Anatomy — Investigates Natural, Mental, and Moral Science — Escape from Atheism — A Presumptuous Marriage Engagement


Reaping as He Sowed — Bitter Consequences of His Presumptuous Marriage — His Own Story


Respite from Trouble — Dawn of Better Days — His Own Story Concluded — Respite from Domestic Difficulty — Followed by Sad Bereavements


In Lockport, N.Y. — Keeping Bachelor’s Hall — A Strange Impression — Avows Abolition Principles — Licensed to Preach — Goes to Cleveland, Ohio


A Winter in Cleveland — Lectures against Slavery — Forms the First Anti-Slavery Society — Story of a Fugitive Slave


Returns to Lockport — Seeks Entire Sanctification — Erroneous Seeking — House to House Visitation Incidents — Revival Work


Serious Illness — A Winter in New York City — Wasting with Consumption — Healed on Consenting to Take Up the Work of the Ministry — Preaching in New York — The Great Night — A Striking Coincidence


Great Revival in New York — Wonderful Manifestations of Divine Power — Assaults of Temptation — Seeking Holiness Again


Still Seeking Entire Sanctification — Encouraged by a Father in Israel — Hears of Dr. and Mrs. Palmer — Prejudiced against Them by Evil Testimony — Goes to Camp Meeting — Seeking Amiss — Attends Another Camp Meeting — Meets the Palmers — Mrs. Palmer Shows Him the Way of God More Perfectly — Endeavoring to Enter Beulah — Yielding All — Taught of the Spirit — Tempted — Triumphs by Faith — Jumps the Chasm — Sanctified Wholly — Abiding Joy


Mr. Redfield’s Pastor — Mr. Redfield as a Class Leader — Appoints Holiness Meetings — A Hundred Persons Sanctified — Many Sinners Converted — Church Membership Greatly Increased — Two New Churches Formed — Opposition to the Holiness Movement — Mr. Redfield’s Determination — Severe Tests — Victory Gained — Invited to Labor in Another Church — Accepts the Call — Successful Labors


Change of Pastors — Mr. Redfield Still Engaged in Revival Work — Charged with Heresy by the New Pastor — Vindicates Himself — License to Preach Renewed — Opposition to the Holiness Teaching of Mr. Redfield and Others Continued — Bishop Hamline — A Defender and Promoter of the Holiness Work — Becomes Mr. Redfield’s Confidential Adviser, etc.


Urged to Unite with the Conference — Considering the Matter — Reasons Which Determined Him Against It — Becomes an Evangelist — Contemporary with Caughey, Finney, Burchard and Knapp — Twenty Miles Above New York — Successful Labors — A New Church — The Dedication — A Convert’s Exhortation — Good Results


Laboring in a Mission Church in the Suburbs of New York — Method with Proselytizers — A Powerful Revival — Incidents — The Mission Church Made Self-sustaining — Proselytizing Ministers Dismissed from Their Pastorate — The Sequel — Mr. Redfield’s Reflections Concerning Opposition to the Thorough Work of God — More Incidents — Achans Discovered and Disposed of Strange Experience of a Colored Woman


Goes from New York to a Neighboring City — His Way to Success in One Church Blocked — Goes to Another Church — Great Success Attending His Labors — Hopes for a General Revival of the Doctrine and Experience of Holiness — Disappointed by Hostility Among Ministers — Encouraged by a Bishop — Opposition to His Revival Labors Continues — Open Doors in Mortgaged Churches and among Demoralized Societies — Cause of the Opposition to Holiness Discovered — Laboring in the Church of a Sick Pastor — Opposed and Slandered by the Sick Man — Mr. Redfield’s Prediction Concerning Him — The Prophecy Speedily Fulfilled — A Class Leader Sanctified — Turns Exhorter and Addresses the Employees in a Factory — The Class Leader Shouting — Mr. Redfield Called For by an Excited Church Member — Joins the Class Leader in Praising God — Visits a Lady Dying of Consumption — She is Saved and Healed at the Same Time — Instances Illustrating Victory Over Death


A Summer on Long Island — Preaching in the Villages on Sundays — Personal Experiences — Called to Occupy a Vacant Pulpit until the Time for Beginning His Revival Work — Condition of the Charge — Beginning His Labors — Visiting One of the Principals in an Old Church Quarrel — Visits an Old-time Methodist — His First Sabbath on the New Charge — Efforts with Sinner — Repulsed — The Second Sabbath — Sharply Criticized — A Week of Desperate Struggling for Victory — The Third Sabbath — Victory and How It Came — Goes on Invitation of Methodist, — Baptist, and Presbyterian Ministers to Labor in Another Place — His Method of Work — Strong and Persistent Opposition — Baptist and Presbyterian Ministers Start Separate Services — Opposition Overcome — Glorious Results of Fidelity to God — Preaching Holiness Conducive to the Awakening and Conversion of Sinners — A Tea Party Turned into a Revival


Leading a Brother Minister into the Experience of Perfect Love — An Illustration of His Method with Seekers — Invited to Labor on the Minister’s Charge — How to Get Ready for a Revival — The Sanctified Minister Preaching Holiness — Many Sanctified — Mr. Redfield Goes to His Aid — Conversation with the Pastor — Revival Efforts Begin — Visitation — An Infidel and His Wife Converted — The Whole Town Awakened — Many Converted — Nearly all Testify that Their Convictions — Dated from the time the Pastor Began to Preach Holiness — Mr. R_____ goes to Labor in Another City — Proselytizing Ministers Oppose His Work — Wicked Persecution from a Universalist Preacher — The Persecuting Preacher’s Death from Delirium Tremens


Overworked — Severe and Protracted Illness — Going Home to Die — His Sickness Not unto Death, but for the Glory of God — His Own Account of This Experience — A Remarkable Vision — Tells of the Triumphant Death of Two Sisters — Recovering From His Illness — Preaches in New York City — Dines at Dr. Palmer’s — Relates an Account of the Vision He Had During His Sickness — Mrs. Palmer’s Opinion of Such Experiences — Deathbed Incidents Related


Entering the Evangelistic Field Again — Hope for the Church Revived — Invited to Labor on the Charge of a Brother Minister Where a Revival Was in Progress — The Revival Stopped — Leaving the Place Under Divine Direction — Cause of the Work Ceasing — Visitations of Judgment — Goes to Another and a Peculiar Field — Incidents in Visitation — Method of Work — A Minister’s Opposition and Discourtesy — Favorable Results — Attending a Camp Meeting — Counseled by Worldly-wise Preachers — Adopts their Counsel — Shorn of Strength — Plain Dealing by a Godly Colored Man — Power Restored — The Lesson Learned — Another Field — A Clergyman Invested with Authority to Use the Rod Attempts to Intimidate the Young People, and so Deter Them from Attending Mr. Redfield’s Meetings — Opposition Overruled for Good — Visits the Charge of One of the Ministers — Who Counseled Him at the Camp Meeting — State of the Work — Mr. Redfield’s Exercises — Leaves the Place under an Impression that God Had Withdrawn from His People


Called to Middletown, Conn. — Dreading the Conflict — State of the Work and Character of Mr. Redfield’s Labors — Described by Superintendent Roberts — The Work Endorsed and Aided by President Olin — Three Hundred Students Converted at the Church — They Form Praying Bands and — Carry on the Work in the College — President Olin Undertakes to Give a Ten Minutes’ Address to the Students — The Minutes Run into Hours — The Address Published as One of Dr. Olin’s — Most Masterly Intellectual Productions — Four Hundred Conversions in All — Twenty-six of the College Students Become Ministers — William C. Kendall Here Learns the Art of Soul-Saving — Mr. Redfield spends a Sabbath in New Jersey and Preaches for an Absent Pastor — Goes to Labor in Another Church in the Same State — Effects of His Preaching — Embarrassed by Questions Concerning His Domestic Trouble — Requests an Interview with Two — residing Elders — Counseled to Get a Divorce — The Divorce Obtained


Mr. Redfield’s Pastor Opposing Him — A Faithful Presiding Elder Takes His Part — Character of Those Who Opposed the Holiness Work — Features of the Holiness Revivals — Laboring to Maintain Himself and Preach the Gospel without Charge — Invited to Assist Caleb Lippincott — Opposition from Universalists — Slandered by Their Paper — Defends Himself — The Tide Turns — Returns to New York City — Successful Labors — A Prosperous Revival Killed by an Untimely Marriage Ceremony — Labors in Another of the City Churches — Five Hundred Added to the Church — Encouragements — Peck’s “Central Idea of Christianity” — The Men Enlisted in the Holiness Controversy — Mr. Redfield Goes to Philadelphia — Laboring in St. George’s M. E. Church — The Pastor Enters Heartily into the Work — Another Minister Opposes — The Truth Triumphant — Invited to Another Church to Preach on Holiness — A Great Work — Wonderful Scenes — Meetings Abruptly Closed by the Frightened Pastor — Preaches in Two Other Churches — Meetings in Private Houses — A Glorious Work — Visits Many Places Briefly — Many Saved


Mr. Redfield Visits Long Island Again — Revivals Break Out in Various Places — Visits the Former Home of Freeborn Garrettson — Meets Mr. Garrettson’s Widow — A Token of Friendship — Fifty Saved — Revival in C_____ — In the Suburbs of New York Again — Leaves After a Comparatively Barren Season of Labor — Peculiar Leadings toward Cincinnati — Goes to Goshen — Opposition from the Leading Church, the Secular Press, Rumsellers, and Infidels — Opposition Checked by the Interposition of Providence — Proselytizing Efforts and How Mr. Redfield Dealt with Them — Incidents — Holiness Tested — Triumph in Suffering and Death — Mr. Redfield Proceeds to Another Field — Dealing with Rowdies — One Hundred Conversions — Visits Long Island Again — Disturbed by Rowdies — Demands and Secures Order — Disturbers Converted — Holiness Meetings — Many Saved


At Chelsea, Mass. — Waited Upon by a Committee — Unitarians and Universalists Offended — The Methodist Church Rid of a Unitarian and a Universalist Class Leader — The Work Progressing in the Face of Strong Opposition — One Hundred Converted — Goes to Boston — An Embarrassed Pastor — No Opening in Boston — Returns to Chelsea — Invited Back to Boston — Small Beginning — Enlargement and Success — Strong Endorsement — Invited by the Clergy to Spend a Year in Boston — Engagement calls Him Away to U_____ — Great Interest Awakened — Many Conversions — Proselytizers and How They Worked — A Local Preacher Who preached Regularly in His Sleep


Goes to Newburgh — Preaches the Truths of Early Methodism — Episcopalians Shout Over the New Found Joy of Holiness, While Methodists Get Angry and Oppose the Work — Newburgh Camp Meeting — Mr. Redfield’s Labors Crowned with Wonderful Success — One hundred Converted in a Single Night — Incidents Illustrating Mr. Redfield’s Method with Seekers


Visiting a Village Near Newburgh — The Sabbath Services Conducted by the Pastor — Mr. Redfield Exhorts in the Evening Service — An Influential Citizen Reproves the Pastor — Mr. Redfield’s Reflections and Discouragements — Rev. Fay H. Purdy — A Man after Mr. Redfield’s Own Heart — A Camp Meeting Incident — War Against Holiness — The Sad Results Described — Mr. Redfield at Peekskill — Successful Labors


At the Marine Hospital in New York — Method with the Sailors — Favorable Results — The Lesson Learned — Invited by the Chaplain to Visit Sing Sing State Prison — His Own Account of His Labors in the Prison — Incidents of Prison Visitation — Obtaining Pardon for a Prisoner — Holds a Series of Meetings at Sing Sing — Opposition — Victory — Many Saved


At Bridgeport, Conn. — A Church in Debt Twelve Thousand Dollars for Pride — Desire a Revival to Help Them Out of Debt — Faithful Work -

A Frightened Pastor — Fay H. Purdy Assists in the Meetings — Mr. Redfield Accused of Bigotry by Pastors of Other Churches — Meets the Accusation Wisely — Proselytizing Cured — Five Hundred Converted — Mr. Redfield Requested to Receive the Converts into the Church — Address to the Candidates — Receives One Hundred — Four Hundred More Soon Unite — The Debt Paid — Another Church Built — Plain Dealing Makes Good Methodists — Anecdote of Bishop Hedding


Invited to New Haven — Great Spiritual Conflict -Deciding to Go — His Reception and Introduction — Defines His Purpose in Plain Terms — Begins His Work — Frightened Methodists — Waited Upon by a Sensitive Class Leader — Encouraged by an Ex-Mayor — Endorsed by a Lawyer — The Pastor’s Fears Allayed — A Mocking Rabble — Preaching Wholly to the Church — The Official Board Requests Him to Change His Course and Labor for Sinners — The Reply — Mr. Redfield’s Manner of Convincing the Critics — Meetings Appointed for Seekers of Holiness — Believers Sanctified — The Revival Breaks Out in Power — Hundreds Converted — The Work Spreads into Other Churches — One of them Receives Four Hundred Accessions — The Revival Reaches the College — Many Students Converted — Fruits of the Revival — Fifteen Hundred Converted


Invited to Stamford, Conn. — A Conversation with the Pastor — Beginning His Work — The Pastor Criticizes and Objects to His Method — Allowed to Go on in His Own Way — Testimonies Endorsing the Work — A Doctor Offended — Advising that Mr. Redfield Be Shut Up — The Work Goes on in Power


Attending a Camp Meeting — Remarkable Illustration of the Power of Grace to Save — Experience of an Indian Preacher — Story Related by the Son of an Indian Chief — Mr. Redfield Attends Another Camp Meeting — Meets the Converted Son of a Jewish Rabbi — Story of the Converted Jew — Method with a Man in Despair Over the Doctrine of Election — A Holiness Meeting in a Private House — Strange Conduct of a Gentleman Boarder — A Man Forsaken of God


Invited to Return to Stamford — Condition of Methodism in That Vicinity — Meetings Forced to a Close — The African M. E. Church Opened — A Glorious Work — Returns for One Service to the Closed Church — A Young Preacher Seeks Holiness — Invites Mr. Redfield to Visit His Charge Five Miles Away — A Conversation Between Them — The Invitation Accepted — The First Service — The Young Preacher Seeking Holiness — A Time of Wonderful Power — Skeptics Awakened — Glorious Times — Mr. Redfield Goes to a Small Village to Help a Conference Preacher — Bad Condition of Affairs — A Short Stay — Attending a Camp Meeting in Central New York — Opposition to Holiness — A Sermon Against the Wesleyan Doctrine Introduces Much Confusion — A Speech from Rev. Hiram Mattison — Sanctified by Progression — Brother Purdy Endeavors to Calm the Storm — Purdy’s Test and How it was Received — Mr. Redfield’s Reflections — Seeking Greater Power to Fit Him for the Work to Be Done


A Visit to Syracuse, N.Y. — Reappearance of His Old Sign — This Regarded As a Sure Token of a Gracious Revival — Returns to New York — Soon Recalled to Syracuse — Experiences a Singular Manifestation on the Way — Meetings at Salina — State of the Work — Strange Phenomena — Mr. Redfield Study of These Exercises and His Method of Dealing with Them — His Advice Concerning Them — Reflections


Labors at Salina Continued — Preaching Holiness — Discovers That the People Are Not Ready for That Experience — Preaches on Justification — Finds That He Has Made a Mistake Again — Begins to Preach the First Principles of the Kingdom of God — Burdened for Souls — Demonstrations — The Curious Investigating the Strange Phenomena, and Endeavoring to Account for Them — Attempting to Imitate the Demonstrations — Experience of a Unitarian Lady — Mr. Redfield’s Thorough Dealing — Conversation with a Unitarian Minister — The Unitarian Minister Publicly Endorsing the Meetings — Mr. Redfield Exposes His Infidelity — Results of the Salina Revival


Requesting the Privilege of Holding Meetings in the Church of a Methodist Pastor in Syracuse — The Denial — A Call From Palmyra — Incidents on the Way — Stops at the Residence of Fay H. Purdy on Reaching Palmyra — Purdy’s Account of the State of the Work — Mr. Redfield at His Boarding Place — Meets Brother B_____ — Brother B_____’s Devotions — Mr. Redfield goes to Morning Service to Hear the Pastor Preach — Hears a Commotion in the Basement of the Church — “Awful Times” — The Pastor Tried Over Brother B_____’s Exercises — A Conversation with the Pastor — Mr. Redfield Goes with Him to Dinner — Further Conversation about Brother B____’s Exercises — The Pastor Agrees to Stand by Brother B_____ — Endorses Him at the Evening Services — Greatly Blessed — Loses His Strength — War Begins in the Church — Attendance Increases — The Work goes on in Power — Thirty Converted in One Meeting — Five Hundred Conversions in a Few Weeks — Other Fruits of the Revival —


A Call from a Congregational Church in Syracuse — The Call Accepted — Visits Two of the Deacons — Conversation with the Deacons — Beginning the Work — A Deacon’s Protest — Mr. Redfield’s Answer — The Congregation Vote to approve Mr. Redfield’s Measures — The Deacon Renews his Opposition — The Congregation Again Sustain Mr. Redfield — The Work Goes On — The Deacon Makes a Startling Confession — Two Presbyterian Elders Prostrated by the Power — A Young Lady’s Confession — Remarkable Conversion of a Unitarian Lady — The Unitarians Alarmed — They Send for Theodore Parker — His Stay Cut Short by a Storm Which Greatly Damaged the Unitarian Church — Fruit Remaining in After Years


Invited to Albion, N.Y., by Rev. Wm. C. Kendall — Well Received at First — Marked Manifestations of God’s Power — Prostrations — Commotion in the Congregation — Some Frightened and Some Angry — Mr. Redfield Charged with Mesmerizing the Prostrate Ones — Similar Phenomena Occur Outside and Miles Away from the Church — Mr. Kendall in Full Sympathy with the Work — Wonderful Success — An Incident Illustrating Clerical Hostility to the Work — Mr. Redfield’s Feelings Described by Himself — A Searching Sermon — Slandered by a Brother Minister — The Minister’s Evil Designs Exposed — Mr. Redfield’s Observation Concerning Opposers of Holiness — The Origin of the Free Methodist Church — Further Account of the Minister Who Opposed the Albion Revival — Incident Illustrating the Thoroughness of Mr. Redfield’s Work — Color Distinctions Done Away — Letter from Mr. Kendall — A Letter from Dr. Redfield


Goes to Bridgeport, Conn. — Burdened for the Work — A Baptist Deacon Sanctified — A Great Ingathering of Souls — A New Church Built — Incidents of the Revival — Visiting and Laboring Amid the Scenes of His Childhood — A Prosperous Beginning — The Meetings Abruptly Closed by the Pastor — Visiting the Graves of His Parents and Other Sainted Dead — Weeping Over the Desolations of Zion


Invited to Henrietta, N.Y. — Meets the Presiding Elder on the Way — The Elder’s Questioning and Remarks — The Pastor, Rev. J. K. Tinkham, an Agreeable Co-laborer — Church Members Confessing their Delinquencies — Two Infidel Sons of One of the Members Converted — They Work for the Conversion of Others with Marked Success — A Minister Opposing the Work — Mr. Redfield’s Method Brings the Opposition to a Close — The Opposing Minister Saved — The Sexton’s Experience — Mr. Purdy’s Assistance in the Work — An Interesting Letter — Mr. Redfield Goes to Work at Another Field — Request of the Presiding Elder — A Desolate Field — Work in the Presiding Elder’s Family — A Trifling Pastor — An Old Minister of the Right Stamp — Consecrating for Faithful Work — Urging Inconsistent Church Members to Take a Stand — Accused by a Local Preacher of Insulting the People — Another Public Denunciation — The Local Preacher Accused of Crime — The Proof — The Congregation Vote in Favor of Having the Plain Truth Preached — Urging to Action — Appealing to the Sense of Honor in Inconsistent Professors — A Tempest — Mr. Redfield Newly Commits the Work to God — A Night of General Awakening in the Community — A Large Ingathering of Souls the Result


Another Field — The Melodeon and the Choir — Beginning at the Foundation — Waited Upon by a Committee — Informed of Reports Concerning His Great Wealth, etc. — His Answer — The Work Deep and Extensive — Five Hundred Converted — A Young Lady Is Converted and Leads Eleven Others to Christ in Less Than an Hour — The Pastor Seeking Holiness — Afterward Compromises — Mr. Redfield Goes to Bath — Raising the Standard of Holiness — The Work Breaks Out in Power — Satan’s Device to Bring it into Disrepute — Strange Actions of a Doctor’s Wife — A Converted Jeweler


At Buffalo, N.Y. — Labors in the Niagara St. M. E. Church — Rev. B. T. Roberts, Pastor — State of the Work — Revival Begins — Incidents — Mr. Redfield Talks with One of the Bishops — The Bishop Unfavorable to His Work — Dr. Stevens’ Views of Luxuries etc. — A Sharp Conflict in the Genesee Conference over the Holiness Issue — Position of Mr. Roberts, W. C. Kendall, and Eleazer Thomas — A Lawyer’s Interference with Mr. Redfield’s Work — The Work Forced to a Close — The Niagara St. Church Sold for Debt — Becomes First a Jewish Synagogue, then a Masonite Temple — Interesting Letter from Dr. Redfield — Leaving Buffalo for Townsendville — Assisting J. K. Tinkham — A Glorious Revival — From Townsendville to P_____ B_____ — Revisiting Syracuse — Building a Church — Opposition — Endorsed by the Presiding Elder — The Third M. E. Church Organized — The Presiding Elder’s Administration Criticized — Conference Appoints a Preacher to the Third Church — The Conference Preachers Oppose the Freedom of the Spirit — A Noble Layman — History of the New Society — Finally Becomes Attached to the Free Methodist Church at Its Organization — Mr. Redfield in Burlington, Vermont


Great Revival in Burlington — Mr. Purdy Prepares the Way — The Pastor Favorable to Old-time Methodism — Opposition from Other Churches — The Work Spreading — More than One Thousand Converted — A Second Church Organized — Attempts to Impair Mr. Redfield’s Influence — Slanderous Reports — Mr. Redfield’s Influence upon the Second Church — Letter from Rev. R. B. Howard in “The Congregationalist” Referring to Dr. Redfield and His Work — A Letter from the Same Writer, in the “California Christian Advocate” — Rev. Howard and Dr. Goodell Both Converted under Mr. Redfield’s Labors at Burlington — Letter from Mr. Redfield to Rev. W. C. Kendall — Engaged with Another Physician in Establishing an Infirmary — A Letter Concerning this Enterprise — Another Letter Concerning the Revival in Burlington, and a Branch Infirmary Established There — Comments on the Foregoing Letters


Second Marriage — One of His Reasons for Marrying — The Lady Who Became His Wife — Married at Keesville, N.Y. — Influence of His Marriage upon His Work — In the Evangelistic Field Again — At Lima, N.Y. — A Letter Concerning the State of Things at Lima and the Character of the Work — Leaving Lima — A Card from Rev. Woodruff Post — Genesee Conference Troubles — Opposition to Messrs. Kendall, Roberts, Stiles, McCreery, and Others — The Laymen’s Camp Meetings at Bergen, N.Y. — Hostility of the Church Authorities — The Church Takes Advantage of a Technicality in the Article of Incorporation and Wrests the Camp Ground from those Who Paid for It — Before the Litigation Is Ended the Trees Cut off — Mr. Redfield Suffers from this Persecution


Labors in Rochester, N.Y. — A Presiding Elder’s Opposition — The Pastor Takes His Stand Against the Elder — Scenes of Primitive Methodism Reappear — The Pastor Frightened Says the Meetings Must Stop — Other Methodist Pastors Opposing the Work — Three Thousand Dollars Subscribed toward Building a New Church — Dr. Redfield Requested to Become Pastor of the New Society — Mr. Redfield Declines the Proposal — An Invitation to St. Charles, Ill. — Meetings in Rochester Attended and Endorsed by President Finney — Results of the Work in Rochester — Mrs. James Vick — Mr. Redfield Writes and Addresses to Samuel — Huntington a Sketch of His Life — First Attempt at Self-vindication — Another Letter to S. Huntington — Leaving Rochester — Visiting William C. Kendall — Their Last Visit, and Last Earthly Parting — Persecution of Mr. Redfield’s Friends — “The Christian Advocate” Becomes the Organ of the Opposition — “The Northern Independent” Opens its Columns in Defense of Primitive Methodism — William Hosmer — Rev. B. T. Roberts Writes on “Old School Methodism,” and “New School Methodism” — Charged with Unchristian Conduct Because of Having Written those Articles — His Trial — The Sentence — Appeal to The General Conference — Mr. Roberts Expelled, the Following Year, on the Charge of Contumacy — Proved Innocent — A Minister’s Testimony Impeached — Mr. Roberts Joins the Church Again on Probation — The Minister Who Received Him Expelled for So Doing — Other Ministers Expelled for Allowing Mr. Roberts to Speak in Their Churches


Mr. Redfield Goes to St. Charles, Ill. — Rev. David Sherman — A List of Worthies — Results of the Work — Forty Sanctified — Clear Conversions — Experience of Charles Elliott Harroun — “The St. Charles Pilgrims” — Letter to Samuel Huntington


Still at St. Charles — Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Kendall, Giving a View of the General State of the Work — Mr. Redfield in Aurora, Ill. — A Goodly Number Experience Perfect Love — Recruiting at Mackinaw Island — Another Letter to Mr. and Mrs. Kendall — Mr. Redfield’s Views Concerning Separation from the Church — Goes to Fond du Lac, Wis. — A Glorious Work Begins — A Pastor’s Jealousy and Opposition — Mr. Redfield Under Temptation to Return to His Old Profession — Providentially Restrained — Goes to New London — Many Blessed — From New London to Jefferson, Wis. — Labors Attended with Blessed Results — Hears of the Grievous Fall of One Who Had Been a Strong Advocate of Holiness — Labors at Waukesha — Many Saved — Visit to Appleton, Wis. — The Seat of Lawrence University — Professor Blair and Rev. Wm. McDonald — An Infidel Sentiment in the Community and in the University — Incidents of the Work — Many Saved — Mr. Redfield Revisits St. Charles — Attending the St. Charles Camp Meeting — The Presiding Elder Friendly — Mr. Redfield Preaches on Perfect Love — A Remarkable Night — An Impromptu Preachers’ Meeting for Holiness — Fifteen Ministers Enter into the Experience During the Night — Results — The Work in “The Fox River Region”


Letter to the Kendalls — A Letter from W. C. Kendall — Conspiracy of Persecutors — Kendall, Roberts, and McCreery the Victims — Scene at the Reading of the Conference Appointments — Letter from Kendall to Roberts Describing His New Circuit — Letter to A. A. Phelps — Mr. Kendall’s Last Appointment — Account of His Death — Scene at the Funeral — Sketch of His Character — Testimonial from Father Coleman


Mr. Redfield Again in St. Charles, Ill. — Letter to Brother and Sister Kendall — Plan for Forming a Methodist Colony in Texas — Goes to Elgin, Ill. — The Elgin Pastor — Method of Conducting the Work — Results — Invited to Marengo, Ills. — Deciding to Go — A Telegram Announcing Wm. C. Kendall’s Illness — Letter in Reply — At Marengo — State of the Work — Communication from Superintendent Hart — A Wonderful Work — Four or Five Hundred Converted — Whiskey Shops Closed — Many Sanctified — Conversion of a Village Drayman — A Physician Sanctified and Enters the Ministry — “Mother Cobb” — “Mother Combs” — The Mother of Superintendent Hart — The Pastor of the Church — Holiness Meetings at Brother Bishop’s — Mr. Redfield Receives Tidings of Mr. Kendall’s Death — Letter of Condolence to Mrs. Kendall — Extract from a Letter — Fruit of the Marengo Revival Not Properly Cared For


At Woodstock, Ill. — Condition of the Work — Strange Experience at an Altar Service — Determined Opposition to the Work — Methods Employed to Obstruct the Work — The Pastor Brought into Close Quarters Takes His Place As a Seeker of Holiness — Effect upon the People — A Wonderful Work of Grace — Results — Mr. Redfield Drawn toward St. Louis — Planning to Go — At Queen Anne Prairie — St. Charles Camp Meeting — Witness of Perfect Love Raised Up by Mr. Redfield’s Labors — Liberty Given Mr. Redfield at the Camp Meeting — Sanctification the Keynote of the Meeting — An Anti-Rum, Anti-Tobacco, and Anti-Holiness Sermon — The Beginning of Hostility to Holiness on the Fox River District


Mr. Redfield Visits Western New York — Attends a General Quarterly Meeting — Encouragement — Returns to Illinois — Letter to Mrs. Kendall — Attending Camp Meeting at Coral, Ill. — Presiding Elder Crews — Holiness Work the Prominent Feature of the Meeting — The Sunday Afternoon Services — The Presiding Elder Sanctified — Preparing to Visit St. Louis — Visits St. Charles on the Way South — Letters to Mrs. Kendall


A Farewell Prayer Meeting — A Stop at Princeton Ill. — Another Letter to Mrs. Kendall — A Week at Burlington, Iowa — Reaches St. Louis — Boarding at Hotels — Looking for a Northern M. E. Church — Goes to the Ebenezer Church — Presents Letters of Introduction and of Membership to the Pastor — Preaching in St. Louis — Pawning His Watch to Pay a Board Bill — A Jew Acts the Part of the Good Samaritan — Way to Public Labor Hedged Up — Visitation — Good Results — Invited to Preach in a Colored People’s Church — Labors Greatly Blessed — Preaching Occasionally in Ebenezer Church — Conversation with the Pastor — Invited by the Quarterly Conference to Hold a Series of Meetings in Ebenezer Church — Beginning the Work — Checked by the Pastor — A Telling Sermon — Letter from the Official Board Requesting Mr. Redfield’s Dismissal — Conversation with the Pastor — Suspicion on the Part of Many That the Pastor was Responsible for This Action of the Board


Dr. and Mrs. Redfield Take Their Letters from Ebenezer Church — Resolutions Passed by Ninety Members — Calling for Church Letters — After Granting Twenty Letters the Pastor Refuses to Give More — Confesses Himself the Author of the Letter Purporting to Come from the Official Board — A Ministerial Fraud — Comment on the Resolutions — Letter to “The Northern Independent” — Comments on This Letter


Mr. Redfield Asked to Become Pastor of the Ninety Members Who had Seceded from Ebenezer Church — The Reply — Efforts to Organize with the Presiding Elder’s Sanction — Disapproved by the Elder — Mr. Redfield Charged by the Pastor of Ebenezer Church with Splitting the Church — The Reply — Letter Requesting an Interview with Mr. Redfield at the Office of the “C. C. Advocate” — Mr. Redfield’s Letter in Reply — Another Letter from M. E. Pastors — Pastor Williams Declares War — Rumors of Mob Policy — Mr. Redfield’s Illness — Attendance at Church on Recovering — Resuming Work — A Methodist Church on the Congregational Plan — New Appointments — Visitors from Abroad and Their Reports — The Conflict in St. Louis — Mr. Redfield’s Correspondence — Mental Conflicts — An Incident in Mr. Redfield’s Personal Experience


Tidings from Western New York — Resolutions of the Laymen’s Convention Requesting — Mr. Roberts and Mr. McCreery to Labor as Evangelists — Mr. Roberts invited by the New Church in St. Louis to Take Mr. Redfield’s Place That He Might Be Free to Go Elsewhere — Mr. Roberts In St. Louis — New Organization Perfected — The Role against Slavery — Joseph Wickersham, Who Had Freed $30,000 Worth of Slaves — Plea for Toleration of Slavery Baseless — Another Resolution Passed by the Laymen’s Convention — Reading Members out of the Church — Resolution of the Convention Concerning its Attitude toward the Church — Mr. Redfield’s Description of the State of Affairs at This Time in St. Louis — The New Society in St. Louis Pass — Resolutions Concerning Mr. Redfield — The Editor of “The Central Christian Advocate” and the Pastor of Ebenezer Church Secure a Promise from Dr. Redfield not to have the Resolutions Published, at the Same time Agreeing to Publish Nothing Themselves Concerning Their Troubles — A Slanderous Article Which Soon Appeared in the “Advocate” — A Reply Prepared by a Committee — The “Central Advocate” Refuses to Publish It — The “St. Louis Christian Advocate,” — Organ of the M. E. Church South, Publishes the Reply — A Copy of the Reply as Published — Mr. Redfield Starts for Quincy, Ill. — Soliloquizing on the Way — Arrival at Quincy — The Publication Preceded Him — Requested to Deposit His Letter and Stand a Trial — His Reply — President and Agent of the College Go to St. Louis to Ascertain the Facts — They Confer with None but Mr. Redfield’s Accusers, and Are Convinced That He is in the Right — The Way Open for Work — A Lady’s Experience and Dream — Beginning the Work in Quincy — A Baptist Minister Sanctified — An incident — Letter to Brother and Sister Foote


Wisdom of Mr. Redfield’s Refusal to be Tried by the Ebenezer Church — Policy Pursued in Other Trials — Mr. Redfield Takes His Letter Again and Temporarily — Deposits It in the Southern Church — Accused of Compromising His Anti-slavery Principles — Staunch Friends Desert Him — Ex-Bishop Hamline’s Attitude — Mr. Redfield Goes East — Handbills Charging Him and the New Society with Being Slaveholders — Rev. Seymour Coleman — Camp Meeting Near Sycamore, Ill. — Holiness the Theme — Father Coleman’s Preaching — Holiness Testimonials Referring to Dr. Redfield’s Labors — The Presiding Elder Hurt — Reproves These Testimonies — The Elder’s remarks Published in the “N. W. Christian Advocate” — A Conversation Called Forth by the Elder’s Testimony — A Camp Meeting near Aurora, Ill. — Benjamin Pomeroy — Father Coleman at His Best — Dr. T. M. Eddy — Father Coleman on Sunday Afternoon — Hon. Benjamin Hackney Experiences Entire Sanctification — His Testimony — Another Camp Meeting near Coral, Ill. — Mr. Redfield Present — Results of the Camp Meetings — E. P. Hart and J. H. Richardson Recommended to the Conference by the Rockford District — Presiding Elder H. Opposes Their Reception on the Ground That They Are “Tainted with Redfieldism” — Mr. Hart Admitted and Mr. Richardson rejected — Richardson Goes to Minnesota on a Presiding Elder’s — Invitation, and Becomes a Successful Minister — Mr. Hart Still “Tainted with Redfieldism,” and Spreading It in His Labors as a General Superintendent of the Free Methodist Church


The Author, Then a Local Preacher, Invited to Hold Meetings on Mt. Pleasant Circuit — The Invitation Accepted — The Work Moving — Help Needed — Mr. Redfield Sent for Conditions on Which He Would Come — Conditions Accepted — Beginning His Work — Manner of Procedure Described — A Powerful Sermon on the Judgment — Eighty Seekers at the Altar — The New Pastor Introduced — Sunday Services — Results — Preaching Prematurely on the Way of Faith — Going Deeper — An Eloquent Discourse on the “Final Catastrophe of the Earth” — Mr. Redfield returns to St. Charles — The Work Continues Three Weeks Longer — A Presiding Elder’s Instructions as to How and When to Shout — Results of the Meetings — One Hundred Converted and Seventy-five Sanctified — A Sunday Night Scene in the Church — The Pastor’s Confession — Asking the Prayers of the Congregation — A Terrible Struggle with Conviction — Rendering a Wrong Decision


Return to St. Charles — Attitude of the Preacher in Charge — Sent to Guard the Pulpit against Redfield and Coleman — Sacrificing Men for the Good of the Church — Mr. Redfield Invited into the Baptist Church — Beginning His Labors — The Church Closed Through the Influence of the Methodist Pastor — The Universalist Church Opened — Reading Members Out of the Methodist Church for Going to Hear Mr. Redfield Preach — New Way of Conducting a Methodist Prayer Meeting — Trustees Read Out of the Church — False Swearing — Prayer Meetings at Brother Foote’s — Letters Written by Mr. Redfield


Dr. Redfield Returns to St. Louis — Spends an Evening with the Writer before Starting — Reviews His Life Work — Painful Surprise on Reaching St. Louis — The New Society Greatly Depleted — The Causes — Effect of This Disaster upon Mr. Redfield — Suffers a Paralytic Stroke — Ceases from Public Labors During the Winter — Under Medical Treatment — Able to Preach Again in the Spring — State of the Work in Several Places — Mr. Redfield Consulted as to What Should Be Done with Converts — His View’s as Given by Himself — Mr. Redfield’s Encouragements — Mary Ferguson Correspondence


Laymen’s Convention at Olean, N.Y. — Every Charge in the Genesee Conference Represented by a Delegate — The Free Methodist Church, Which Had Been Organized, — Represented by a Delegate, Who Was Invited to a Seat in the Convention — Petitions to the General Conference — Resolution Endorsing the “Earnest Christian” — Report of the Committee on Resolutions — A Resolution Concerning Adherence to the Church — Remarks by J. McCreery, T. B. Catton, Wm. Hart, — B. T. Roberts, S. K. J. Chesbro and J. W. Reddy — Mr. Redfield Watching Genesee — Conference Proceedings from St. Louis — Letter from St. Louis


Dr. Elias Bowen’s Account of the General Conference of May, 1860, and Its Treatment of the Appeal Cases — Review of General Conference Proceedings by — Wm. Hosmer in the “Northern Independent” — Difficulties in the West — Preachers Shut out of Churches and Schoolhouses — Severe Persecutions — Trial and Expulsion of the Bishop Family — An Impromptu Love-feast — Monday Night Holiness Meeting at Father Bishop’s led by Father Coleman — Advice Concerning the Church Troubles — Failure of General Conference to Reinstate the Proscribed Ministers — Decisions against Bishops Who Presided at the Trials — Convention at St. Charles, Ill., in July, 1860 — A Similar Convention Called for the Same Object in Western N. Y. — Minutes of the Illinois Convention — General Laymen’s Convention at Pekin, N. Y. — Organization of the Free Methodist Church and the Adoption of a Discipline — A Laymen’s Convention at Aurora, Ill. Adopts the New Discipline — The Preachers Go Forth to Organize Free Methodist Churches — Mr. Redfield’s Identification with the Organization of the New Church a Necessity


Mr. Redfield Returns to the West — Zealous Labors — Tour of Visitation among the Scenes of His Former Labors — Rev. E. P. Hart Withdraws from the M. E. Church and Takes Work under Mr. Redfield — Mr. Redfield at Aurora, Ill. — Stricken Down with Paralysis — Weeks of Severe Suffering Follow — The Trial of His Faith — A True and Faithful Friend — Improved Health — A Trip East — Holds Meetings in the Free Methodist Church in Buffalo — Correspondence — Return to Illinois — Attending a Quarterly Meeting — Outline of a Remarkable Sermon — Quarterly Meetings — St. Charles Camp Meeting — Hoping for Divine Healing — Mental Conflicts — Leaves Off Preaching Entirely — A Letter Written in Great Weakness of Mind and Body — Mr. Redfield’s Plan for a Pilgrim’s House — Attending a Camp Meeting in Ogle Co., Ill., in 1862 — A Scene of Confusion — Mr. Redfield Equal to the Emergency — A Visit to Buffalo and Syracuse — Looking to Be Healed in Answer to Prayer — Failing in Mind — Returning to the West — Attends the Illinois Annual Conference — The Last Letter of His Life — A Third Stroke of Paralysis — Rapid Ebbing Away of Life — The Death Scene — Funeral — The Epitaph —

The Conqueror Crowned

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