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Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek. Additional Notes.

Author:Swete, Henry Barclay (1835-1917)
Description:Henry Swete's An Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek has been helping scholars and students for over a hundred years. The work provides an introduction to the Septuagint--the Greek version of the Old Testament. Swete--who was the Regius Professor of Divinity at Cambridge--provides an exhaustive analysis of Septuagint. In the first part, he provides the textual history of the Greek Old Testament, including its different editions and traditions. In the second part, he covers different manuscripts, and compares the "textual divisions" between them. In the third part, he more explicitly addresses the literary usages of the Old Testament Greek and its latter impact. This work is an indispensible tool for anyone curious about the Greek Old Testament. As one reader wrote, this book is a "veritable storehouse of materials... for study of the [Greek Old Testament]." A great reference work, An Introduction to the Old Testament in Greek is the standard by which other treatments of the Greek Old Testament are measured.

Tim Perrine
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