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Daniel Steele

Methodist Episcopal pastor and professor

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Steele was the first great Bible scholar and theologian of the Holiness movement. He was professor of theology at Boston University and, later, became the first president of Syracuse University. Steele was an able defender of the teachings of Wesley and Fletcher.

The first of his "holiness" books was Love Enthroned (1875, revised 1908). This exposition of the doctrine of entire sanctification includes the author's personal testimony to the experience.


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Daniel Steele firmly agreed with John Wesley that Christians can and should live a life free of voluntary sin. This striving towards perfection of faith became known as the “Holiness Movement.” Originally a Methodist/Wesleyan phenomenon, the movement came to have profound effects on later Pentecostal and evangelical Christian communities. This work lays out the doctrine of sanctification, and urges readers to seek further sanctification in everyday life. Because Steele shares his own personal testimony of his faith, the book takes on a decidedly more intimate and relatable nature.

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