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THE three following discourses were first published in a volume with the following title:

“Posthumous works of the late reverend Robert South, D.D. containing, Sermons on several subjects; viz. I. On the Martyrdom of King Charles I. II. Ecclesiastical Constitutions to be strictly maintained. III. The Certainty of a Judgment after this Life. IV. An Account of his Travels into Poland, with the Earl of Rochester, in the year 1674. V. Memoirs of his Life and Writings. VI. A true Copy of his last Will and Testament. London: printed for E. Curll, at the Dial and Bible against St. Dunstan’s church in Fleet-street, M.DCC.XVII. Price 5s.”

The preface to this volume, as far as it relates to the contents of the present edition, is as follows:

“It is generally expected that upon publishing the posthumous works of any author, some account should be given of them; therefore the editor of these remains of the learned Dr. South thinks himself obliged to offer the following particulars, both for the reader’s information and satisfaction.

“The letter to Dr. Pococke, from Dr. South, when in Poland, was communicated to the gentleman 462who wrote his life, which is all that I can say as to that piece.

“The three sermons were given by Dr. South himself to Dr. Aldrich, late dean of Christ Church in Oxford.

“As to the first of them, that upon the 30th of January, it was preached at court, and from some passages in it, I think it is pretty plain that it must have been soon after the restoration of his most sacred majesty king Charles the Second. This discourse was printed some years ago; but besides a large paragraph which is enclosed between crotchets in the 8th page,11See page 470 of this volume. there are many considerable amendments and corrections throughout.

“The second, entitled, Ecclesiastical constitutions to be strictly maintained, has been lately published, but from so imperfect a copy, that there is not one single paragraph in it truly printed.

“The third, Upon a future judgment, was preached at St. Mary’s church in Oxford; and from a passage in it, and by the conclusion, it is apparent that it must have been composed for the anniversary of the royal martyr.”

The author’s life, including the letter to Dr. Pocock, is prefixed to the first volume of the present edition.

The first sermon is in substance the same with that printed in the third volume of the present edition, p. 415-449.


The second sermon may also be compared with p. 162-200 of the fourth volume. But the imperfect edition said in the preface to have been lately published, seems to be that, a copy of which exists in the Bodleian library, (8vo S. 239. Th.) and bears the following title:

“Comprehension and Toleration considered; in a sermon preached at the close of the last century. London: printed for A. Moore, near St. Paul’s Church-yard, MDCCXVI. Price four-pence.”

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