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By divine Providence

LORD BISHOP OF BATH AND WELLS.1111   This dedication refers to the twelve sermons next following.


SHOULD I but so much as think of any other countenance or patronage to these following papers (as poor and mean as they are) from one either of other or lower principles than your Lordship, it would, instead of a becoming and due address, prove a direct affront to your honour.

My Lord, your Lordship was bred in two of the most eminent seminaries for loyalty and learning perhaps in Europe, viz. in the king’s school at Westminster, and in that noble college of Christ Church in Oxford; in each of which you grew up not barely as in a school or college, but as in your proper, genuine, and connatural element, and accordingly took and drank in throughly from thence all that they were remarkable and great for: and they, my Lord, in requital have made your Lordship what you now so deservedly are, and what all so unanimously accounted your Lordship to be.

But, my Lord, it is time for me in modesty (and that to spare your Lordship’s, as well as to shew my own) to with draw, and calmly and silently contenting myself with the naked contemplation and admiration of your Lordship’s superlative worth and virtues, (being utterly unable to reach the very lowest pitch of them by the best and highest of 202 my expressions,) I must with the utmost deference (the only height which I would aspire to) sincerely own, avow, and (both with hand and heart) subscribe myself,

My Lord,

Your Honour’s ever faithful,

humble and obedient servant,


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