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Accusations against Menno,94

Avery humble supplication of the poor, despised christians,107

A letter of consolation to an afflicted widow,113

A complaint or apology of the despised christians and exiled atrangers,115

A scriptural explanation of Excommu­nication,123

Associate not with an apostate, after separation,136

An incontrovertible confession founded on the Holy Scriptures,139

A confession of the Triune, Eternal and true God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,179, 183

An explanation of christian baptism in the water,189

Apostles teach baptism as Christ taught it, 210

A letter of caution on discord,.231

A clear confession, concerning Justifica­tion, Preachers, Baptism, &c.,267

A christian, in some cases may deal with an apostate,.279Can have no apostate as a regu­lar customer, ib

A thorough answer to Zylis and Lem­mekes concerning Excommuni­cation,283

A humble and christian Justification, replication, &c.,.297

A scriptural demonstration of the In­carnation of Jesus Christ, 325

An admonition to the Preachers and how they should be minded,. 340

A plain and pointed reply to the anti­christian doctrine of Martin Micron, 351

Articles, thirty‑one presented to the

reader, 371

An epistle to Martin Micron,403

Affirmation ,.411

A humble prayer to the reader, 422

A convincing proof, that Jesus Christ is the true, spiritual David, &c.,425PAGE.

A kind admonition, concerning shun­

ning and separation 441

A Letter,460


Baptism, concerning39Rhenanus, Cyprian, Erasmus, Zu­inglius, Bucer, Oecolampadi­us, Luther, and others, on in­fant, .49

Ban, Excommunication or Separation,69

Baptism,189, 268In the water, 200No remission of sins through,. 201Degenerated in early days,203But one in the water pleasing to God, ..204How the apostles practiced it in the water, 222Applied only to the believing,. 227Infant,.269

Ban, should husband and wife shun each other on account of,276

Banned, should we greet one that is?277 Are we allowed to show any char­ity, love and mercy to the 8278 Are we allowed to deal with the 8.279Are we allowed to travel with the?. 280Who should be ib

Ban, a work of love,446


Calling, Preachers,17

Concerning Baptism, 39

Church of Christ and anti‑christ, how to distinguish, .77Six signs by which both churches may be known, 81, 83

Concerning some accusations against us,. 94

Confession of the learned concerning Christ, 97

Conclusion, .105

Complaint or apology,117

Confession of the Incarnation;147

Confutation, reply to the points of de­fense of John A'Lasco, on the

Incarnation, 154

Confession of the Triune God,179, 183 453PAGE.

Christian Baptism,.195

Children, Little, have a peculiar promise, 226

Confession of Justification, &c., 261

Conclusion to Justification, Baptism, &c., 275To questions and answers, 280To a humble defense,. 322To admonition to preachers, 348To unscriptural confessions, 380

Confession, Micron's, .388

Concerning the two natures in Christ, 391

Conclusion to reply to Martin Micron,399

Christ ‑is King of kings, convincing proof, 425


Doctrine of the church of Christ and anti christ,83

Description of a true preacher,120

Difference between willful sin, and error,277

Discussion, How the English came into with us,.355 Between Merman and Myself,356 Partial narration of, by Micron, 359 Micron's confessionduring our second,364

Deliverances of Menno Simon,451


Excommunication, Ban or Separation,69Scriptural explanation of,123Not to shun before,136Questions and answers,276

Error, difference between willful sin and,277


Fourteen inconsistencies which must re­sult and follow from the foun­dation and doctrine of our op­ponents, 381

Foundation and faith of our opponents concerning Christ Jesus, &c.,383

Faith and doctrine in Jesus Christ,.384


Gellins Faber, Reply to 1

Genesis 3:15, 386

God the Father is the true Father of the whole Christ his Son,393


How to distinguish between the church of Christ, and anti‑christ,77

Hearing the Preachers, 264

Holy Supper, The Lord's, 270

Husband and wife, should they shun each other on account of the ban, 276

How the English came into discussion with us, 355

Herman, Discussion with,356

How and what Micron confessed during our second discussion, 364

How Christ is the Son of God, is also the son of Abraham and David,&c,389

How the divine word, in the fullness of time according to the Script­ures, was made flesh,396


Incarnation, Menno's confession of,. 147Scriptural references upon,168Conclusion of,177

Israelites received their remission of sins through the promise,201

Incarnation, Confession of 330Thirty‑one Articles on,371Forty‑five Unscriptural confes­sions, of379

Inconsistencies, Fourteen 381


John A'Lasco, Reply to concerning the Incarnation, 143


John Van Leyden, Testimony against,. 427


Letter addressed to an afflicted widow,. 113Of Caution on discord,231Another,.232From Menno Simon to Margaret, wife of Rein Edes,401

Leyden, John Van, Testimony against,. 427

Letter, 450


Menno Simon's confession of the Incar­nation,147Salutation, 190Reasons for teaching andwriting233

Martin Micron, Rely to,355Confession, in his narrative, that Christ is the Son of God and man, 388An epistle to, 403

Menno Simon, Summary punishment to those who would injure him,419Willing to enter into discussion,423Providential deliverances of


Our confession,147

Oaths,272, 409


Preface, Reply to Gellius Faber, 3

Preachers, Their Calling,17Description of a true,120

Preface to the reply to John A'Lasco,141To the Triune God,181To Menno Simon's Salutation' 191To Justification, Baptism, &c.,259

Preachers, Hearing the,264 454PAGE.

Preface to Justification, &c.,298To the Incarnation,328To reply to Martin Micron,.352

Punishment to those mho would injure Menno, 419

Prayer to the reader 422


Questions and answers on Shunning,278


Reply to Gellius Faber,1To John A'Lasco, on the Incar­nation, 138To Zylis and Lemmekes, 283To Martin Micron,351


Supper, The Lord's, 64

Separation, Ban or Excommunication, 89

Signs, six by which the church of Christ and anti‑christ may be known,81, 83

Shunning does not apply to necessary dealings, 135

Separation, Not to shun before,138

Scriptures, A clear confession of,143

Scriptural references upon the Incarnation,188


Salutation, Menno Simon's ,.190

Supper of the reachers, 271

Swearing, Oats,272, 409

Shunning, Is it a command?278

Shunning and separation , 441


The Lord's Supper,84

The Confutation, 154

Teachings of the holy apostles concern­ing baptism in the water,200

The reason Menno Simon does not cease

teaching and writing,233

The Lord's Holy Supper,270

The Supper of the preachers,271

The Swearing of Oaths,272

To the reader,298

Thirty‑one articles presented to the

reader, &c., 371

The foundation and faith of our oppo­nents concerning Christ Jesus,383

Testimony against John Van Leyden,427


Warfare, 434


Zylis and Lemmekes, reply to,283455


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