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Menno. becomes a Priest, 3Impressions concerning the bread and wine, ibHow he spent his time, ibBegins to read the Scriptures, ib

Begins to examine the merits of infant baptism ibInterview with Luther, Brucer and Bullenger, ibReturns to Witmarsum, ibIs deeply grieved over the con­duct of the Munsterites, ibBegins to preach repentance, 5 Receives a call to preach from a number of persons who were of one mind with him, ibConsents to do so, 6Confesses his weakness and la­ments over his persecutions and poverty, 7Severe persecutions, &c., 8Removes to Woeste Veldt, ibProtected by the nobleman van Vriesenburg, ibDeath &c.,9

Marrying out of the Lord, consequences of, 19

Magistracy, supplication to the, 22

Munsterites make inroads and defend themselves with the sword, 4

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