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Exhortation to take heed of the of day Grace, 15

Exhorts to observe the doings of the world, 17

Erring sects, 76

Examples from the Scriptures, 186

Extracts from Eusebius, &c., 191

Excommunication, 245Meaning of ibWho are to be excommunicated, 246Reason why commanded in Scripture, ibHas no respect of persons, 247Carnal sinners to be excommuni­cated and directed to repent­ance, 251Of secret sinners, who are again inwardly admonished of the Holy Ghost and sincerely and 286truly converted, 253Matt. 18, explained, 254Not to pervert the Truth, &c., 256Backsliding and recovery of Peter, 257James 5:19, explained, 25812th and 13th chapters of 2nd Cor., explained, 259The Judgment and Keys of Christ used in a proper manner, 260Conclusion, 264

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