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Baptism, 24Not to be administered to infants, 25Not a substitute for circumcision, ibA washing of regeneration, 26Consists of more than water or the administered sign, 27To be administered to those who can understand, 28Inward and not outward saves, ibA sign of obedience, ibLuther on infant, 29Bucer and Luther differ on, ibInfant, an idolatrous institution,. 30Changed as to its mode and time, ibInfant confirmed by Pope Inno­cent, ibMenno's reasons for opposing in­fant baptism, 31To be administered to the believ­ing, ibCounter Arguments, 32No saving ordinance, ibInfant, no ceremony of God, 33Whole families baptized, 36Origen, Augustine and others on infant baptism, 37Without regeneration of no avail, 38The application of a handful of

Baptism con-water, ib

Birth, the New,Fundamental doctrine of, from the word of the Lord, 167The fruits of, .169Transforms from death unto life 234

Ban or Exclusion 239

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