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Ap. Conf., Apology of the Augsburg Confession.
Art. Smalcald, Smalcald Articles.
Behm., Bechmann.
Br., Baier.
Brchm., Brochmann.
Cal., Calovius.
Cat. Maj., Luther’s Large Catechism.
Cat. Min., Luther’s Small Catechism.
Chmn., Chemnitz.
Chmn. ex. c. Trid., Chemnitz on the Council of Trent.
Chmn. d. c. D., Chemnitz on the Lord’s Supper.
Conf. Aug., Augsburg Confession.
Form. Conc., The Formula of Concord.
Grh., Gerhard.
Hfrffr., Hafenreffer.
Holl., Hollazius.
Hutt., Hutterus.
Kg., Koenig.
Mel., Melanchthon.
Quen., Quenstedt.
Schrzr., Scherzer.
Seln., Selnecker.
Symb. Nic., Nicene Creed.
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