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36. Let them hear Thee, and let them come to Thee, and let them learn of Thee to be meek and lowly, who seek Thy Mercy and Truth, by living unto Thee, unto Thee, not unto themselves. Let him hear this, laboring and laden, who is weighed down by his burthen, so as not to dare to lift up his eyes to heaven, that sinner beating his breast, and drawing near from afar.21232123    Luke xviii. 13 Let him hear, the centurion, not worthy that Thou shouldest enter under his roof.21242124    Matt. viii. 8 Let him hear, Zaccheus, chief of publicans, restoring fourfold the gains of damnable sins.21252125    Luke xix. 2–8 Let her hear, the woman in the city a sinner, by so much the more full of tears at Thy feet, the more alien she had been from Thy steps.21262126    Luke vii. 37, 38 Let them hear, the harlots and publicans, who enter into the kingdom of heaven before the Scribes and Pharisees.21272127    Matt. xxi. 31 Let them hear, every kind of such ones, feastings with whom were cast in Thy teeth as a charge, forsooth, as though by whole persons who sought not a physician, whereas Thou camest not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.21282128    Matt. ix. 11–13. [See R.V.] All these, when they are converted unto Thee, easily grow meek, and are humbled before Thee, mindful of their own most unrighteous life, and of Thy most indulgent mercy, in that, “where sin hath abounded, grace hath abounded more.”21292129    Rom. v. 20

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