« Audrey, Saint Aufklärung, The Augsburg, Bishopric of »

Aufklärung, The

AUFKLÄRUNG, THE. See Enlightenment, The.

AUGER, ō´´zhê´, EDMOND: Jesuit preacher; b. at Alleman, near Troyes, France, 1530; d. at Como June 17, 1591. He made a pilgrimage to Rome, and, while filling a menial position, attracted the notice of Loyola, who admitted him to the novitiate; sent back to France as mission preacher, he is said to have converted more than 40,000 Huguenots to the Church of Rome. He became court preacher and confessor to Henry III in 1575, and founded the Congregation of the Penitents of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, 1583. He wrote ascetical and controversial works, but is best known by his Catéchisme français, written in Lyons, 1563 (published at Paris, 1568).

Bibliography:For his life consult N. Bailly, Paris, 1652; Dorigny, Avignon, 1828; M. A. Pericaud, Lyons, 1828.

« Audrey, Saint Aufklärung, The Augsburg, Bishopric of »


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