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Arnoldi, Bartholomæus

ARNOLDI (ār-nel´dî), BARTHOLOMÆUS (Bartholomew of Usingen): The teacher and later the opponent of Luther; b. at Usingen (17 m. n.n.w. of Frankfort) about 1464; d. at Würzburg Sept. 9, 1532. He entered the University of Erfurt probably in 1484, and was made master of arts in 1491. As teacher of philosophy and by his widely circulated writings he won the high esteem of both his colleagues and his pupils, among whom Luther seems to have been specially in close relations with him. When nearly fifty, and apparently in part owing to Luther’s influence, he entered the Augustinian order, and later became professor of theology in the studium generale of the order at Erfurt. He was opposed to the later exaggerations of the scholastic methods, but without going as far in this direction as Luther, in whose rejection of philosophy he saw one of the sources of what he considered the reformer’s later errors. He took a decided stand against the Wittenberg theses; after he had been deserted by his brethren of the Erfurt house he attacked the reforming movement in his first controversial treatise (1522), directed against the fiery preaching of Cuelsamer and Mechler. This was followed by many others covering the whole range of the controversy, and becoming more and more bitter as his old pupils scorned his exhortations. He was finally obliged to leave Erfurt, and in 1526 is found in the Augustinian house at Würzburg. He was not a great theologian nor even a good Latinist; but he seems to have been an honorable man who made a thorough study of his opponents’ writings and learned to fight them with their own weapons. At Würzburg he was of great assistance to his bishop, Conrad von Thüngen, in the struggle with growing Protestantism, appeared with him at the Diet of Augsburg, and was among the theologians to whom the refutation of the Confession was committed.

(T. Kolde.)

Bibliography: G. Veesenmeyer, Kleine Beiträge zur Geschichte des Reichstags zu Augsburg, 105 sqq., Nuremberg, 1880; N. Paulus, Der Augustiner Bartholomäus Arnoldi von Usingen, in Strasbürger Theologische Studien, i. 3, Freiburg, 1893.

« Arnold, Thomas Arnoldi, Bartholomæus Arnoldists »


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