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Chapter XIX.—Peter’s Instructions to Faustus.

“When you are with these in Antioch, while you look like Simon, proclaim publicly your repentance, saying, ‘I Simon proclaim this to you:  I confess15351535    Amended according to Epitome. that all my statements in regard to Peter are utterly false;15361536    Partly filled up from Epitome and Recognitions.for he is not a deceiver, nor a murderer, nor a juggler; nor are any of the evil things true which I, urged on by wrath, said previously in regard to him.  I myself therefore beg of you, I who have been the cause of your hatred to him, cease from hating him; for he is the true apostle of the true Prophet that was sent by God for the salvation of the world.  Wherefore also I counsel you to believe what he preaches;15371537    ms. reads, “I preach.” for if you do not, your whole city will be utterly destroyed.  Now I wish you to know for what reason I have made this confession to you.  This night angels of God scourged me, the impious one, terribly, as being an enemy to the herald of the truth.  I beseech you, therefore, do not listen to me, even if I myself should come at another time and attempt to say anything against Peter.  For I confess to you I am a magician, I am a deceiver, I am a juggler.  Yet perhaps it is possible for me by repentance to wipe out the sins which were formerly committed by me.’”

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