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Chapter XIV.—Peter’s Speech Continued.

“But some one will say, ‘How many have perished on account of chastity!’  Yes; but it was because they did not perceive the danger.  For the woman who perceives that she is in love with any one, or is beloved by any one, should immediately shun all association with him as she would shun a blazing fire or a mad dog.  And this is exactly what your mother did, for she really loved chastity as a blessing:  wherefore she was preserved, and, along with you, obtained the full knowledge of the everlasting kingdom.  The woman who wishes to be chaste, ought to know that she is envied by wickedness, and that because of love many lie in wait for her.  If, then, she remain holy through a stedfast persistence in chastity, she will gain the victory over all temptations, and be saved; whereas, even if she were to do all that is right, and yet should once commit the sin of adultery, she must be punished, as said the prophet.

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