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Chapter VIII.—Nicetas Like to Be Deceived by Simon Magus.

“We were brought up along with one Simon, a magician; and in consequence of our friendly intercourse with him, we were in danger of being 302led astray.  Now there is a report in regard to some man, that, when he appears, the mass of those who have been pious are to live free from death and pain in his kingdom.  This matter, however, mother, will be explained more fully at the proper time.  But when we were going to be led astray by Simon, a friend of our lord Peter, by name Zacchæus, came to us and warned us not to be led astray by the magician; and when Peter came, he brought us to him that he might give us full information, and convince us in regard to those matters that related to piety.  Wherefore we beseech you, mother, to partake of those blessings which have been vouchsafed to us, that we may unite around the same table!11681168    Lit., “that we may be able to partake of common salt and table.”  This, then, is the reason, mother, why you thought we were dead.  On that disastrous night we had been taken up in the sea by pirates, but you supposed that we had perished.”

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