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Chapter XI.—“All Uncleanness with Greediness.”

“‘But let all doors be opened to him, and let all baneful and arbitrary laws be set aside, which have been ordained by fanatical men, who, under the power of senselessness, and not willing to understand what is reasonable, and, moreover, suspecting those who are called adulterers, are with good reason mocked with arbitrary laws by Zeus himself, through Minos and Rhadamanthus.  For there is no restraining of Eros dwelling in our souls; for the passion of lovers is not voluntary.  Therefore Zeus himself, the giver of these laws, approached myriads of women; and, according to some wise men, he sometimes had intercourse with human beings, as a benefactor for the production of children.  But in the case of those to whom he knew that his being unknown would be a favour,10481048    We have adopted the punctuation of Wieseler. he changed his form, in order that he might neither grieve them, nor seem to act in opposition to the laws given by himself.  It becomes you, therefore, who are debaters of philosophy, for the sake of a good life, to imitate those who are acknowledged to be the nobler, who have had sexual intercourse ten thousand times.

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