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Chapter XLI.—“Status Quæstionis.”

Then said Simon:  “You are manifestly avoiding the hearing of the charge from the Scriptures against your God.”  Then Peter:  “You yourself appear to me to be doing this; for he who avoids the order of inquiry, does not wish a true investigation to be made.  Hence I, who proceed in an orderly manner, and wish that the writer should first be considered, am manifestly desirous to walk in a straight path.”  Then Simon:  “First confess that if the things written against the Creator are true, he is not above all, since, according to the Scriptures, he is subject to all evil; then afterwards we shall inquire as to the writer.”  Then said Peter:  “That I may not seem to speak against your want of order through unwillingness to enter upon the investigation,985985    The text of this passage in all the editions is meaningless.  It becomes clear by change of punctuation. I answer you.  I say that if the things written against God are true, they do not show that God is wicked.”  Then said Simon:  “How can you maintain that?”

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