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Chapter LXX.—“Hear the Bishop.”

“However, hear your bishop, and do not weary of giving all honour to him; knowing that, by showing it to him, it is borne to Christ, and from Christ it is borne to God; and to him who offers it, is requited manifold.10281028    There are several conjectural readings of this sentence.  We have not exactly followed anyone of them, but have ventured on a conjecture of our own.  Honour, therefore, the throne of Christ.  For you are commanded even to honour the chair of Moses, and that although they who occupy it are accounted sinners.10291029    Matt. xxiii. 2, 3.  And now I have said enough to you; and I deem it superfluous to say to him how he is to live unblameably, since he is an approved disciple of Him who taught me also.

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