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Chapter LV.—Teaching of Christ.

“But to those who think, as the Scriptures teach, that God swears, He said, ‘Let your yea be yea, and nay, nay; for what is more than these is of the evil one.’10081008    Matt. v. 37.  And to those who say that Abraham and Isaac and Jacob are dead, He said, ‘God is not of the dead, but of the living.’10091009    Matt. xxii. 32; Mark xii. 27; Luke xx. 38.  And to those who suppose that God tempts, as the Scriptures say, He said, ‘The tempter is the wicked one,’10101010    Perhaps Matt. xiii. 39. who also tempted Himself.  To those who suppose that God does not foreknow, He said, ‘For your heavenly Father knoweth that ye need all these things before ye ask Him.’10111011    Matt. vi. 8, 32.  And to those who believe, as the Scriptures say, that He does not see all things, He said, ‘Pray in secret, and your Father, who seeth secret things, will reward you.’10121012    Matt. vi. 6.

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