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Chapter LXXI.—Success.

So great grace of His power did the Holy Spirit show on that day, that all, from the least to the greatest, with one voice confessed the Lord; and not to delay you with many words, within seven days, more than ten thousand men, believing in God, were baptized and consecrated by sanctification:  so that Theophilus,885885    [It is possible that this character was suggested to the writer by the well-known Theophilus of Antioch.  But, in view of the evident anachronism, it seems more probably that he had in mind the “Theophilus” named in the prologue to the Gospel of Luke (i. 1–4) and in Acts i. 1.—R.] who was more exalted than all the men of power in that city, with all eagerness of desire consecrated the great palace of his house under the name of a church, and a chair was placed in it for the Apostle Peter by all the people; and the whole multitude assembling daily to hear the word, believed in the healthful doctrine which was avouched by the efficacy of cures.

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