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Chapter XLVII.—Simon’s Vaunt.

“I am the first power, who am always, and without beginning.699699    [Compare with this chapter book ii. 9, 14; Homily II. 32.—R.]  But having entered the womb of Rachel, I was born of her as a man, that I might be visible to men.  I have flown through the air; I have been mixed with fire, and been made one body with it; I have made statues to move; I have animated lifeless things; I have made stones bread; I have flown from mountain to mountain; I have moved from place to place, upheld by angels’ hands, and have lighted on the earth.  Not only have I done these things; but even now I am able to do them, that by facts I may prove to all, that I am the Son of God, enduring to eternity, and that I can make those who believe on me endure in like manner for ever.  But your words are all vain; nor can you perform any real works such as I have now mentioned, 127as he also who sent you is a magician, who yet could not deliver himself from the suffering of the cross.”

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