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4. That Christ is the Hand and Arm of God.39463946    [Hence the Spirit, “the finger of God.” Luke xi. 20.]

In Isaiah: “Is God’s Hand not strong to save? or has He made His ear heavy, that He cannot hear? But your sins separate between you and God; and on account of your sins He turns His face away from you, that He may not pity. For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with sins. Moreover, your lips have spoken wickedness, and your tongue meditates unrighteousness. No one speaketh truth, nor is there true judgment: they trust in vanity, and speak emptiness, who conceive sorrow, and bring forth wickedness.”39473947    Isa. lix. 1–4. Also in the same place: “Lord, who hath believed our report? and to whom is the Arm of God revealed?”39483948    Isa. liii. 1. Also in the same:  “Thus saith the Lord, Heaven is my throne, and the earth is the support of my 517feet. What house will ye build unto me? or what is the place for my rest? For all these things hath mine hand made.”39493949    Isa. lxvi. 1, 2. Also in the same:  “O Lord God, Thine Arm is high, and they knew it not; but when they know it, they shall be confounded.”39503950    Isa. xxvi. 11. Also in the same:  “The Lord hath revealed His Arm, that holy Arm, in the sight of all nations; all nations, even the ends of the earth, shall see salvation from God.”39513951    Isa. lii. 10. Also in the same place:  “Behold, I have made thee as the wheels of a thrashing chariot, new and turned back upon themselves;”39523952    Original: “Rotas vehiculi triturantis novas in se retornatas.” The Oxford edition reads the three last words, “in serras formatas:” and the translator gives, “the wheels of a thrashing instrument made with new teeth.” and thou shalt thrash the mountains, and shalt beat the hills small, and shalt make them as chaff, and shall winnow them; and the wind shall seize them, and the whirlwind shall scatter them: but thou shalt rejoice in the saints of Israel; and the poor and needy shall exult. For they shall seek water, and there shall be none. For their tongue shall be dry for thirst. I the Lord God, I the God of Israel, will hear them, and will not forsake them; but I will open rivers in the mountains, and fountains in the midst of the fields. I will make the wildernesses watery groves, and a thirsty land into watercourses.  I will establish in the land of drought the cedar-tree and the box-tree, and the myrtle and the cypress, and the elm39533953    Some editions omit “and the elm.” and the poplar, that they may see and acknowledge, and know and believe together, that the Hand of the Lord hath done these things, and the Holy One of Israel hath shown them.”39543954    Isa. xli. 15–20.  [Irenæus, vol. i. p. 487. “Word and Wisdom = hands.”]

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