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238Fragments of Discourses or Homilies.

I.18381838    From a Discourse on the Resurrection, in Anastasius Sinaita, Hodegus, p. 350. This treatise is mentioned in the list of his works given on the statue, and also by Jerome, Sophronius, Nicephorus, Honorius, etc.

From the Discourse of Hippolytus, Bishop of Rome, on the Resurrection and Incorruption.

Men, he says, “in the resurrection will be like the angels of God,”18391839    Matt. xxii. 30. to wit, in incorruption, and immortality, and incapacity of loss.18401840    ἀρευσίᾳ. For the incorruptible nature is not the subject of generation;18411841    γεννᾶται. it grows not, sleeps not, hungers not, thirsts not, is not wearied, suffers not, dies not, is not pierced by nails and spear, sweats not, drops not with blood. Of such kind are the natures of the angels and of souls released from the body. For both these are of another kind, and different from these creatures of our world, which are visible and perishing.

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