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Chapter XXVI.

This Jew of Celsus still accuses the disciples of Jesus of having invented these statements, saying to them:  “Even although guilty of falsehood, ye have not been able to give a colour of credibility to your inventions.”  In answer to which we have to say, that there was an easy method of concealing these occurrences,—that, viz., of not recording them at all.  For if the Gospels had not contained the accounts of these 443things, who could have reproached us with Jesus having spoken such words during His stay upon the earth?  Celsus, indeed, did not see that it was an inconsistency for the same persons both to be deceived regarding Jesus, believing Him to be God, and the subject of prophecy, and to invent fictions about Him, knowing manifestly that these statements were false.  Of a truth, therefore, they were not guilty of inventing untruths, but such were their real impressions, and they recorded them truly; or else they were guilty of falsifying the histories, and did not entertain these views, and were not deceived when they acknowledged Him to be God.

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