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XXXVI.—Of the Foolishness of the Cross.

I have spoken of the twofold sign whence death proceeded, and again I have said that thence life frequently proceeds; but the cross has become foolishness to an adulterous people.  The awful King of eternity shadows forth these things by the cross, that they may now believe on Him.18491849    [Or, “shadows forth Himself.”]  O fools, that live in death!  Cain slew his younger brother by the invention of wickedness.  Thence the sons of Enoch18501850    “Eusebius tells of another Enoch, who was not translated without seeing death.”—Rig.  [See Gen. iv. 17, 18.  S.] are said to be the race of Cain.  Then the evil people increased in the world, which never transfers souls to God.  To believe the cross came to be a dread, and they say that they live righteously.  The first law was in the tree; and thence, too, the second.  And thence the second law first of all overcame the terrible law with peace.18511851    Et inde secunda terribilem legem primo cum pace revincit.—Davis, conjecturally.  Lifted up, they have rushed into vain prevarications.  They are unwilling to acknowledge the Lord pierced with nails; but when His judgment shall come, they will then discern Him.  But the race of Abel already believes on a merciful Christ.

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