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XLI.—Of the Time of Antichrist.18521852    [See Elucidation at end.]

Isaiah said:  This is the man who moveth the world and so many kings, and under whom 211the land shall become desert.  Hear ye how the prophet foretold concerning him.  I have said nothing elaborately, but negligently.  Then, doubtless, the world shall be finished when he shall appear.  He himself shall divide the globe into three ruling powers, when, moreover, Nero shall be raised up from hell, Elias shall first come to seal the beloved ones; at which things the region of Africa and the northern nation, the whole earth on all sides, for seven years shall tremble.  But Elias shall occupy the half of the time, Nero shall occupy half.  Then the whore Babylon, being reduced to ashes, its embers shall thence advance to Jerusalem; and the Latin conqueror shall then say, I am Christ, whom ye always pray to; and, indeed, the original ones who were deceived combine to praise him.  He does many wonders, since his is the false prophet.  Especially that they may believe him, his image shall speak.  The Almighty has given it power to appear such.  The Jews, recapitulating Scriptures from him, exclaim at the same time to the Highest that they have been deceived.

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