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Robinson’s Sermon upon the Conclusion of the Agreement to remove to New England. Bradford’s Account.

Upon ye receite of these things by one of their messengers, they had a sollemne meeting and a day of humiliation to seeke ye Lord for his direction; and their pastor tooke this texte, 1. Sam. 23, 3, 4. And David's men said unto him, see, we be afraid hear in Judah, how much more if we come to Kedah against ye host of the Philistines? Then David asked counsell of ye Lord againe, &c. From which texte he taught many things very aptly, and befitting ther present occasion and condition, strengthing them against their fears and perplexities, and incouraging them in their resolutions. After which they concluded both what number and what persons should prepare themselves to goe with ye first; for all yt were willing to have gone could not gett ready for their other affairs in so shorte a time; neither if all could have been ready, had ther been means to have trāsported them alltogeather. Those that staied being ye greater number required ye pastor to stay with them; and indeede for other reasons he could not then well goe, and so it was ye more easilie yeelded unto. The other then desired ye elder, Mr. Brewster, to goe with them, which was also condescended unto. It was also agreed on by mutuall consente and covenante, that those that went should be an absolute church of them selves, as well as those yt staid; seing in such a dangrous vioage, and a removall to such a distance, it might come to pass they should (for ye body of them) never meete againe in this world; yet with this proviso, that as any of ye rest came over to them, or of ye other returned upon occasion, they should be reputed as members without any further dismission or testimoniall. It was allso promised to those yt wente first, by ye body of ye rest, that if ye Lord gave them life, & meās, & opportunitie, they would come to them as soone as they could.

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