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Chapter I. First Journey of Paul—The Cyprus Mission.

Chapter II. Continuation of the First Journey of Paul—The Galatian Mission.

Chapter III. First Affair in Regard to Circumcision.

Chapter IV. Slow Propagation of Christianity: Its Introduction at Rome.

Chapter V. Second Journey of Paul—Another Sojourn at Galatia.

Chapter VI. Continuation of the Second Journey of Paul—The Macedonian Mission.

Chapter VII. Continuation of the Second Journey of Paul—Paul at Athens.

Chapter VIII. Continuation of the Second Journey of Paul—First Sojourn at Corinth.

Chapter IX. Continuation of the Second Journey of Paul—First Epistles—Interior Condition of the New Churches.

Chapter X. Return of Paul to Antioch—Quarrel Between Peter and Paul—Counter-Mission Organised by James, Brother of the Lord.

Chapter XI. Troubles in the Churches of Galatia.

Chapter XII. Third Journey of Paul—Foundation of the Church at Ephesus.

Chapter XIII. Progress of Christianity in Asia and Phrygia.

Chapter XIV. Schisms in the Church of Corinth—Apollos—First Scandals.

Chapter XV. Continuation of the Third Journey of Paul—The Great Contribution—Departure from Ephesus.

Chapter XVI. Continuation of the Third Journey of Paul—Second Stay of Paul in Macedonia.

Chapter XVII. Continuation of the Third Mission—Second Stay of Paul at Corinth—The Epistle to the Romans.

Chapter XVIII. Return of Paul to Jerusalem.

Chapter XIX. Last Stay of Paul at Jerusalem—His Apprehension.

Chapter XX. Captivity of Paul at Cæsarea of Palestine.

Chapter XXI. Paul’s Voyage as a Prisoner.

Chapter XXII. A Glance over the Work of Paul.


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