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Table of Contents

Title Page



Chapter I. Formation of Beliefs Relative to the Resurrection of Jesus—The Apparitions at Jerusalem.

Chapter II. Departure of the Disciples from Jerusalem—Second Galilean Life of Jesus.

Chapter III. Return of the Apostles to Jerusalem.—End of the Period of Apparitions.

Chapter IV. Descent of the Holy Spirit.—Ecstatical and Prophetical Phenomena.

Chapter V. First Church of Jerusalem; It Is Entirely Cenobitical.

Chapter VI. The Conversion of Hellenistic Jews and of Proselytes.

Chapter VII. The Church Considered as an Association of Poor People.—Institution of the Diaconate, Deaconesses, and Widows.

Chapter VIII. First Persecution.—Death of Stephen.—Destruction of the First Church of Jerusalem.

Chapter IX. First Missions.—Philip the Deacon.

Chapter X. Conversion of St. Paul.—Ridiculous to Put Paul’s Conversion A.D. 38—Aretas Settles the Date as about 34.

Chapter XI. Peace and Interior Developments of the Church of Judea.

Chapter XII. Foundation of the Church of Antioch.

Chapter XIII. The Idea of an Apostolate to the Gentiles.—Saint Barnabas.

Chapter XIV. Persecution by Herod Agrippa the First.

Chapter XV. Movements Parallel to Christianity, or Imitated from It.—Simon of Gitton.

Chapter XVI. General Progress of Christian Missions.

Chapter XVII. State of the World at the Middle of the First Century.

Chapter XVIII. Religious Legislation at This Period.

Chapter XIX. The Future of Missions.