Minor Prophets - A Commentary Explanatory and Practical: Volume 1

Author:Pusey, Edward Bouverie (1800-1882)
Description:Edward Bouverie Pusey's commentary on the Minor Prophets is both, as he intended, explanatory and practical. Volume 1 contains Pusey's commentary on the first five Minor Prophets: Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, and Jonah. The commentary on each prophet is preceded by a general introduction which familiarizes readers with important background information. In preparing for this commentary, Pusey studied the meaning of these texts for over thirty years, an amazing feat of dedication. Of the prophets Pusey states, "The prophets are partly teachers of righteousness and rebukers of unrighteousness; partly they declared things then to come, a nearer and more distant future... and the everlasting righteousness which God will to bring in through the Coming of Christ." Readers will find Pusey's exposition of the Minor Prophets both spiritually and intellectually fulfilling.

Emmalon Davis
CCEL Staff Writer
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