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Testimony Outline

  1. Before Christ

  1. Blindness At Birth

  2. Alcoholism in Father and Brothers

  3. No relationship with Father, Too close to Mother

  4. Mental health problems including my own alcoholism: depression, anxiety, rumination.

  5. Deafness

  1. What happened.

  1. Worsening blindness, alcoholism, work related problems, divorce, mental health problems

  2. Recovery and Treatment: Learned to see God more clearly and ask for His help to survive and change.

  3. The Lord began to change me. I learned that the alcohol was causing many of my problems, not helping. I needed to grow up emotionally and spiritually. I learned that my mental health prison was self induced and I could walk out of it whenever I wanted since God was with me to help. God led me to an Episcopal church and priest who helped wretched men like me. A father figure.

  4. Spiritual lessons learned:

  1. I needed to learn how to forgive myself, my father and others. Heart of Chrisian message.

  2. I needed to do lots of foot work as shown in the 12 Steps.

  3. God did not remove my consequences of my behavior but transformed them into good once I learned the lessons.

  4. I needed to stop blaming others for my problems and take responsibility.

  1. Where I am today

  1. I have been sober for 21 years. My mental health has never been better. Still on anti depressants. God has given me a real life.

  2. The Lord opened doors to teach, council and many other things including, weirdly enough, music ministry.

  3. I am learning to trust God more and more each day. Take risks in the Lord’s name. Such as prayer table and prison ministry.

  4. The Lord continues to open and close doors. Spiritual growth and life in general is a process, not an event. I must trust the process and know that the Lord loves me and will continue to guide me.

  5. I am slowly learning to have Jesus lead me to the Father: something only He can do as my brother.

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