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Why they have never known the way before--

Why hundreds stand outside Thy mercy's door--

I know not: but I ask, dear LORD, that Thou

Wouldst lead them now!

Why in the hard and thorny way they press

Unloved, uncomforted, with none to bless,

In living death, I know not: but spare Thou,

And lead them now!

Saviour, be pitiful: their hell is here;

Dull parchéd sorrow that can shed no tear

Is theirs. They need indeed no further loss,--

They bear their cross!


Eternal death to live away from Thee,

Eternal loss apart from Thee to be:

Eternal gain to have in Thee some part--

To know Thou art!

Dawn for us here, thou bright undying day;

So in no dark and sudden-ending way

Life's timorous steps shall falter, but straight on

Where CHRIST is gone:--

To wake and know the new life throbbing, find

Doubt and disquietude are left behind,

Eyes open'd, ears attuned to heavenly sound,

Is Heaven found.

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