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Rejoice in GOD alway,

With stars in Heaven rejoice,

Ere dawn of CHRIST's own day

Lift up each little voice.

Look up with glad pure eye,

And count those lamps on high.

Nay, who may count them? on our gaze

They from their deeps come out in ever widening maze.

Each in his stand aloof

Prepares his keenest beam,

Upon that hovel roof,

In at that door, to stream,

Where meekly waits her time

The whole earth's Flower and Prime:--

Where in few hours the Eternal One

Will make a clear new day, rising before the sun.

Rejoice in GOD alway,

With each green leaf rejoice,

Of berries on each spray

The brightest be your choice.


From bower and mountain lone

The autumnal hues are gone,

Yet gay shall be our Christmas wreath,

The glistening beads above, the burnish'd leaves beneath.

Rejoice in GOD alway,

With Powers rejoice on high,

Who now with glad array

Are gathering in the sky,

His cradle to attend

And there all lowly bend.

But half so low as He hath bow'd

Did never highest Angel stoop from brightest cloud.

Rejoice in GOD alway,

All creatures, bird and beast,

Rejoice, again I say,

His mightiest and His least;

From ox and ass that wait

Here on His poor estate,

To the four living Powers, decreed

A thousand ways at once His awful car to speed.

Rejoice in GOD alway:

With Saints in Paradise

Your midnight service say,

For vigil glad arise.

Ev'n they in their calm bowers

Too tardy find the hours

Till He reveal the wondrous Birth:

How must we look and long, chain'd here to sin and earth!

Ye babes, to JESUS dear,

Rejoice in Him alway.

Ye whom He bade draw near,

O'er whom He loved to pray,

Wake and lift up the head

Each in his quiet bed.

Listen: His voice the night-wind brings

He in your cradle lies, He in our carols sings.

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