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In stature perfect, and with every gift

Which GOD would on His favourite work bestow,

Did our great Parent his pure form uplift,

And sprang from earth, the lord of all below.

But Adam fell before a child was born,

And want and weakness with his fall began;

So his first offspring was a thing forlorn,

In human shape, without the strength of man.

So, Heaven has doom'd that all of Adam's race,

Naked and helpless shall their course begin,--

E'en at their birth confess their need of grace--

And weeping, wail the penalty of sin.

Yet sure the babe is in the cradle blest,

Since GOD Himself a baby deign'd to be--

And slept upon a mortal Mother's breast,

And steep'd in baby tears His Deity.

--O sleep, sweet infant, for we all must sleep,

And wake like babes, that we may wake with Him,

Who watches still His own from harm to keep,

And o'er them spreads the wings of Cherubim.

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