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Almighty Father of mankind,

On Thee my hopes remain;

And when the day of trouble comes,

I shall not trust in vain.

Thou art our kind Preserver, from

The cradle to the tomb;

And I was cast upon Thy care,

E'en from my mother's womb.

In early days Thou wast my guide,

And of my youth the friend;

And as my days began with Thee,

With Thee my days shall end.

In former times, when trouble came,

Thou didst not stand afar;

Nor didst Thou prove an absent friend

Amid the din of war.

My GOD, who caused'st me to hope,

When life began to beat,

And when a stranger in the world

Didst guide my wandering feet;

Thou wilt not cast me off, when age

And evil days descend;

Thou wilt not leave me in despair,

To mourn my latter end!

I know the Power in Whom I trust,

The Arm on Which I lean;

He will my Saviour ever be,

Who has my Saviour been.

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