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M. Bruce

When JESUS, by the Virgin brought,

(So runs the law of Heaven),

Was offer'd holy to the LORD,

And at the altar given;

Simeon the just and the devout,

Who frequent in the fane

Had for the Saviour waited long,

But waited still in vain,--

Came Heaven--directed at the hour

When Mary held her Son;

He stretchéd forth his aged arms,

While tears of gladness run:

With holy joy upon his face

The good old father smiled,

While fondly in his wither'd arms

He clasp'd the promised Child.

And then he lifted up to Heaven

An earnest asking eye;

'My joy is full, my hour is come;

LORD, let Thy servant die.

'At last my arms embrace my LORD;

Now let their vigour cease;

At last my eyes my Saviour see,

Now let them close in peace!

'The Star and Glory of the land

Hath now begun to shine;

The morning that shall gild the globe

Breaks on these eyes of mine!'

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