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Infinite Power, Eternal LORD,

How sovereign is Thy hand!

All Nature rose t' obey Thy word,

And moves at Thy command.

With steady course Thy shining Sun

Keeps his appointed way;

And all the hours obedient run

The circle of the day.

But ah! how wide my spirit flies

And wanders from her GOD!

My soul forgets the heavenly prize,

And treads the downward road.


Shall creatures of a meaner frame

Pay all their dues to Thee,

--Creatures, that never knew Thy name,

That never loved like me?

Great GOD, create my soul anew,

Conform my heart to Thine;

Melt down my will, and let it flow,

And take the mould divine.

Seize my whole frame into Thy hand;

Here all my powers I bring:

Manage the wheels by Thy command,

And govern every spring.

Then shall my feet no more depart,

Nor wandering senses rove;

Devotion shall be all my heart,

And all my passions, love.

Then not the Sun shall more than I

His Maker's law perform,

Nor travel swifter through the sky,

Nor with a zeal so warm.

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