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The Past can be no more--

Whose misemploying I deplore:

The Future is to me

An absolute uncertainty:

The Now, which will not with me stay,

Within a second flies away.

I heard GOD often say,

Now, of salvation is the day,--

But turn'd from heaven my view,

I still had something else to do;

Till GOD a dream instructive sent,

To warn me timely to repent.

Methought Death, with his dart,

Had mortally transfix'd my heart;

And devils round about,

To seize my spirit flying out,

Cried-'Now, of which you took no care,

Is turn'd to Never and despair!

I gave a sudden start,

And waked, with Never in my heart:

Still I that Never felt,

Never upon my spirit dwelt;--

A thousand thanks to GOD I paid,

That my sad Never was delay'd.

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