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End of Book First


Book Second

These sweeter far than lilies are,

No roses may with these compare:

How these excel,

No tongue can tell

Which he that well and truly knows

With praise and joy he goes!

How great and happy's he that knows his ways

To be divine and heavenly joys:--

To whom each city is more brave

Than walls of pearl, and streets which gold doth pave:--

Whose open eyes

Behold the skies;

Who loves their wealth and beauty more

Than kings love golden ore!

Who sees the heavenly ancient ways

Of GOD the LORD, with joy and praise

More than the skies:--

With open eyes

Doth prize them all; yea, more than gems,

And regal diadems:

That more esteemeth mountains, as they are,

Than if they gold and silver were:

To whom the sun more pleasure brings,

Than crowns, and thrones, and palaces to kings;--

That knows his ways

To be the joys

And way of GOD. These things who knows

With joy and praise he goes!

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