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How shall I sing that Majesty

Which Angels do admire?

Let dust in dust and silence lie;

Sing, sing, ye heavenly quire!

Thousands of thousands stand around

Thy throne, O GOD most high;

Ten thousand times ten thousand sound

Thy praise; but who am I?

Thy brightness unto them appears,

Whilst I Thy footsteps trace;

A sound of GOD comes to my ears;

But they behold Thy face.

They sing because Thou art their sun:

LORD, send a beam on me;

For where heaven is but once begun,

There hallelujahs be.

How great a being, LORD, is thine,

Which doth all beings keep!

Thy knowledge is the only line

To sound so vast a deep.


Thou art a sea without a shore,

A sun without a sphere;

Thy time is now and evermore,

Thy place is everywhere.

Who would not fear Thy searching eye,

Witness to all that's true!

Dark Hell, and deep hypocrisy,

Lie plain before Its view.

Motions and thoughts before they grow,

Thy knowledge doth espy;

What unborn ages are to do,

Is done before Thine eye.

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